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Lana Del Rey

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ElectricHearts, May 18, 2012.

  1. I know they were territory-specific at the time, but they should put these radio mixes on streaming worldwide now.
    Weirdly the orchestral Young And Beautiful has also disappeared on Apple Music, but not on Spotify.
  2. West Coast remains one of my favorite Lana songs. I still remember when it premiered and being caught so off guard by it. The radio mix is cute but the album version reigns supreme.
  3. It’s the song that cemented me as a fan, absolutely.
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  4. It’s fascinating how she has that many streams without being really visible in any charts for years. And without something new out.
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  5. Did my part with Blue Banisters today. Still excellent.
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  6. I literally listened to her completely discography today so also helping.
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  7. There's just something about Lana in the summertime, although her streams in general have been bananas this year. Her power.
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  8. Think Born to Die is the main contributor cos that album has been back in the top 100 of the UK album charts for weeks now on streams alone, around #65 for the last couple weeks.
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  10. For some reason, I think West Coast could’ve smashed now with the streaming era and Tiktok.
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  11. Blue Banisters and Chemtrails title tracks are among her best songs.
    She is still serving 10 years into her career.
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  12. It’s currently having its biggest streaming days since 2014. Lana thriving in the streaming era is a bit of a gag.
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  13. I find it very interesting that we've collectively come to think of latter days Lana as a 'niche' artist with a small but dedicated fanbase (with all the advantages and reduced expectations that entails), whereas she's in fact the 8th most streamed female artist globally. I smell a vinyl conspiracy!
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  14. Born To Die/Paradise really was a staple for the modern state of pop music with Ultraviolence tracks popping off on TikTok sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if those albums are padding out her streaming rather than the new releases, despite that material being equally as good.

    EDIT: Well only two BTD songs plus Young and Beautiful (which feels like it belongs to that era) are in her top tracks so nevermind!
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  15. Newsflash:
    Nobody is really consuming new music in 2022.

    Hence Lana, Rihanna etc leading the most listened to artists in 2022.

    Streaming has made discovering new music as easiest as possible yet 95% of the listeners goes there to stream their 2-3 fave artists / albums.
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  16. Also, Lana songs go viral almost every day on TikTok ddd. Queen of Disaster, Prom Song, and plenty of other tracks have become popular sounds.
  17. She's huge with a whole new generation of internet sadgirls!
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  18. I think you answered yourself with the "latter Lana" bit. The streams aren’t coming from "Breaking Up Slowly" dd.
  19. Summer Bummer deserved to be a massive, all-encompassing summer hit and I will never understand why it wasn't.
  20. Her biggest Tiktok hit has been Dealer. It's a pity her label are clueless and didn't take advantage of it and pushed it as single, wasted oportunity.
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