Lana Del Rey

Lust for Life is just a little scattered conceptually. It doesn't fully commit to the existential singer songwriter vibe nor does it commit to the Born to Die callback material, but it still manages to be successful at encompassing every sound/style she had covered up to that point while also pushing her forward in terms of writing with material like Change and Heroin.

These days I'd cut Tomorrow Never Came, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems and White Mustang but everything else is essential.
Let me pop on Lust for Life real quick. I know it gets a fair share of flack but I truly think it and Born to Die are her two masterpieces.

Interestingly, it wasn't my favorite initially but I have been coming back to it lately and find it one of her best now.

With that said, Lana has yet to release a bad album and my favs changes all the time. Contrary to popular belief though, I actually find Rockwell her weakest effort.
Tomorrow Never Came is sooooooo sweet and underrated. A melancholic acoustic '70s throwback serve. Repent!

I've been going through an odd phase where I've been listening to NFR! like it's brand new all over again. The title track has been giving me life lately. What a classic.

As a matter of fact, the playlist I made for today features the NFR! title track, Chemtrails title track, and Blue Banisters title track. She really knows how to build an album around a central song.
Tomorrow Never Came is great until Sean comes in, yes. Same with that flat ass chorus on Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.
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Someone - I think it was on this forum? - ruined Beautiful People Beautiful Problems for me by saying they would prefer it without Spongebob Nicks.
I will concede that Beautiful People Beautiful Problems is a missed opportunity, and a bit of a snooze. Never been in love with that one.