Lana Del Rey

I would die for another Born To Die style era. Obvously the music has evolved since then but I'm talking about big budget music videos, performances, the consistent style with her fashion and really creating an image for that time period. I love everything she is still releasing up till this point but I would love to see another big era again.
I agree that Born To Die felt huge because it had such a great imagery on top of the amazing music. After Ultraviolence she didn’t really put that much effort on her visuals.
She definitley has some great videos post Born To Die era, but I think the main difference is that all the videos where 10/10 from the BTD era, whereas its just specific videos for each era after that.

It really hurt when she decided to start using video footage that was mean't for a single that was scrapped. White Mustang which was orignally recorded for Best American Record and literally does not match the song at all. I understand money would have been wasted but what a shame to go from incredible, inspiring visuals to that.

Thankfully the music has never declined in quality and I guess that is the most important thing really.
If any of you are designers/illustrators, and fancy having your work on official merch for the LDR Village store:

Apparently an alternative mix of Groupie Love was mispressed on a vinyl and is currently going viral on TikTok. Sounds quite different to the officially released version and runs 4:45
She just posted a video on insta basically saying how a few months ago, her car was broken into and her backpack was stolen, she had to remotely wipe her computer which had a book she's writing and unfinished music, but she's still confident on the album she's working on.

That aside, I don't know how this is my first time seeing this....but this is camp. I'm cackling.