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LANY - gg bb xx + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IDontKnowHer, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Made in Hollywood is my favorite from this album. So effective yet simple.
  2. This album has been a wonderful way to tide me over until The 1975 do something new. Such a lovely chill trifle.
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  3. Didn't see this coming.
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  4. 2014

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    I'm still really liking this album, nothing really tops The Break-up but Good Girls is great.
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  5. New track!

    Also, the next record is probably called Malibu Nights.
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  6. Fantastic track! Cannot wait for the new album. It's confirmed it's titled Malibu Nights.
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  7. I really like the new song. The piano bit that comes in halfway through is really lovely.
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  8. Rather good.
  9. Another great bop. Excited to hear more from Album 2
  10. I ended up buying their album after hearing 'ILYSB' in a Wilko store, and I was obsessed with it for months. I should go back and play it again...
  11. That's 2/2 for me. Looking like this will be the breakup album of the year.
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  12. This is more like your usual LANY ballad but it’s still very pretty.
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  13. Two sad pining breakup songs?

    I knew Dua’s pussy game was good
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  14. They're just so consistently good. The new track is ace.
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  15. I read this Harper’s Bazaar Interview with him saying that the breakup was the hardest thing he had ever experienced and he could barely eat or walk and that the entire album is about it so yeah, girl brought her A-game.
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  16. New album Malibu Nights is out October 5th:

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  17. Album trailer:

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  18. Wow just f*** me
  19. FINALLY made a song that references Southern California!
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