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LANY - mama's boy (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IDontKnowHer, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Don't think there is a thread for them here, but I recently discovered LANY on Spotify and have fell in love with a couple of their tracks. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS (video below) and ILYSB are gems although most of their catalogue is quite good. Are there any other LANY fans on this?

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  3. Pink Skies and Walk Away also.
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  4. They released the video for "yea, babe, no way".

    I'm still listening to this EP. It really is the perfect summer driving soundtrack. Current Location and Pink Skies are still giving me the feels.
  5. Video for 'ILYSB' at last!
  6. That video is dumb, but ILYSB is so nice.
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  7. He's a hotter American Matt Healy. Thirsty for that flesh. ILYSB remains a tune.


    The debut is also out on June 30th. I'm already envisaging this being my summer album.
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  9. Oh I really like Good Girls, it's very nice. I've loved them since I heard the Ferdinand Weber remix of ILYSB. I think it's like nearly 2/3 years old and the video just got released?
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  10. Their new song, The Breakup, is very nice. It would slot nicely on the last The 1975 or MUNA albums.
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  11. This has been one of my most played songs this year. Wonderful. Such 1975 vibes.
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  12. I always thought their songs didn't really match the potential, but I love The Breakup.
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  13. Enjoying the album on first listen but why didn't they include 'Current Location'.
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  14. That run from ILYSB to Hericane is amazing. The synths in the opening track is beautiful and Tampa and It Was Love are incredible as well.
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  15. The Breakup is up there with The 1975's Somebody Else as one of my favourite breakup songs.
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  16. The album is so good. Hericane is fucking divine. Those synths! 13 and Super Far are also excellent.
  17. Is this one of Spotify's fake bands?
  18. A bop. It's doing pretty good numbers on Spotify too.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The album is lush, I love his voice.
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