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LANY - mama's boy (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IDontKnowHer, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Thru These Tears is the standout for me right now - a great little album.
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  2. If You See Her is a stand-out for me right now. His voice just clicks for me and I love those "ooo"s in the chorus.
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  3. The final chorus on ‘If You See Her’ is amazing. Wish it was longer, and with a little bit of piano and/or synths at the end à la Banks - ‘Crowdes Places’.
  4. The albums quietly grown on me, think it would’ve been better as an EP, not sold on Run or Valentine’s Day.
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  5. I do feel the songs suffer from sounding more like a suite on the same theme, rather than individual pieces. 'If You See Her', 'Let Me Know' and 'Thru These Tears' are strong though.
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  6. Ok, so I’ve just discovered LANY and am wigless.

    Edit: I dived into Malibu Nights after this post and If You See Her is doing things to me.
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  7. The album has certainly grown on me a ton, but the best songs remain the pre-released tracks, and the whole package pales in comparison to their debut.
  8. Why the hell am I finding myself enjoying this CW-soundtrack men-have-feelings-too Urban-Outfitters twee mess
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  9. This is such a perfect description.
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    This has really become one of my favourite songs of the year. And the album too dddd.
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  11. For anyone fussed about vinyl, two of their early EPs are £3.99 on thesoundofvinyl.
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  12. aux


  13. He’s so sexy
  14. If I could be a pop act, lipsyncing to a sad bop while riding on the back of a moving vehicle and wistfully looking at the sunset and large body of water would 100% be on my music video bucket list. I love this so much.
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  16. Thought that was Jesse McCartney at first ddd
  17. I like this song a lot, it’s a cute bop
  18. It's fine. Julia Michaels really sucks the life & energy out of every room, doesn't she? This is just inferior to every track on their last album, but I don't mind that it exists.
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