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Låpsley - Cautionary Tales of Youth (3rd Ålbum)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Apr 14, 2022.

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    Where all my sad introverts at?
  2. Oooh I’m excited about this!! The second album really just passed by me and I think I only listened to it about three times? But her debut has really become one of my favourite albums ever. It’s such a stunning record.
  3. Through Water is ridiculously underrated and I find it a lot stronger than Long Way Home.
  4. Oof yes, Through Water was one of my go to albums during lockdown. Sadness is a Shade of Blue remains a 2020 standout in general.
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    I love her albums so much, the way I go every year hoping and praying Operator will randomly blow up as it deserves! This year really is bringing it.
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  6. I guess I should give the second albums a few more listens. The release was so low-key and the timing of it just made it hard for me to really dive in.
  7. Same... that album became a constant companion for me. It's a shame that it flew totally under the radar, apart from this random award -

  8. I have a feeling this record is going to be more lively. I'm ready.
  9. I was today years old when I learnt that Lapsley has a credit on "Out Out" for Joel Corry / Charli / Saweetie, dd.

    Songs recently registered on ASCAP, which may or may not be for the new album -

    "Visions of You"
    "The Perfect Shade"
    "Say I'm What You Need"
    "Resolution Song"
    "Oh My Love (After the Storm)"
    "Never Take It Back"
    "My City"
    "Love the Way You're Losing Me" (Izzy Bizu co-write)
    "It Doesn't Have to Be"
    "I Feel a Change"
    "How Hard Can Love Be"
    "Eyes Open"

    Lastly (can you tell I'm semi-stanning again), a short behind-the-scenes documentary/interview from January touching on the recording of the new album, plus a recent live performance of "Our Love Is a Garden" -

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  10. New music is coming this Friday!

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  11. This is great
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  12. There’s a lot of new music this week, but I think 32 Floors is my favorite.
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  13. "32 Floors" sounds neat! I've hit the replay button many times.
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    32 Floors is brilliant! Excited for more.
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  16. A new song called "Dial Two Seven" will be released on Friday:
  17. New album, Cautionary Tales of Youth, is scheduled for a release on 20th January 2023! There are 12 tracks. You can see the tracks if you swipe on the picture below (link to Låpsley’s Instagram post).

  18. A late January announcement while it's still the height of summer

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    I love that it's so bright! I'm excited, I love her voice and her last 2 albums have stood up really well.
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