Now I'm pretty sure there isn't an existing thread for this - I used the search function tahahaha. Anyway, post your account on the amazing statistic-y site that is
DevotionDesire said:
Mine is pretty bad. It looks as if I just jumped on every bandwagon this year, but in actual fact its only because I have been using it loads this summer, and basically didn't use it before that.

even though it is in my signature:

And Lily Allen is 5th on my Overall list!

Yes, but Laura Marling is #4 - only by 7 tracks though argh.

My account, since Christmas Eve Eve 2006. It's slowly building up into a monster after time.

Your musical style changes over a period of time, is what i've noticed. There's about a third of acts on there that i never would've listened to a few years ago.

Please do hop over and say 'hello' if you like (it's a bit of a policy i endorse. Don't like adding folk who never saying ANYTHING EVER).