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Last Night I....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by vasilios, May 3, 2010.

  1. Last night I had donner kebab and chips and watched The Hills, followed by a midnight visit from my ex.

    Good/sad stuff.
  2. Last night I got drunk and ended up kissing a friend's ex-wife, to discover she was only snogging me to make someone else jealous - but this other bloke doesn't even acknowledge she exists, so she began crying.

    I really shouldn't get involved in these dramas.
  3. 3Xs


    Well you definitely had the craziest night! haha.
  4. Slightly off -topic, but I'm chuffed that someone else loves Murder In Surburbia!

  5. Hurrah! I just love everything about it; the way they walk through a crime scene discussing last night's date, the ice cold score which is intended to give the impression of a 'serious' crime drama, the absurd nonsensical writing.

    'The golf club is at the heart of every suburb.'
    'Nobody kills for love in the suburbs, Kate.'

    It's so silly and meaningless, and yet I love it!
  6. Last night I watched Troy on ITV2 again as it always seems to be on while drinking BlueWKD as that was all I could find in the house.
  7. Last night I went to bed early and watched an episode of Secret Diary of a Callgirl.
  8. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Last night I got a chinese and started to catch up on Supernatural, almost finished S3. I should have been doing college work but that wasn't happening.
  9. SBK


    celebrated 1 year anniversary.

    we had steak and chips, and watched eastenders and the simpsons.

    I didn't photograph any of this.
  10. I went to see Fantasia @ Indigo 2.

    She was fantabulous!!!
  11. I got my cluster headache/migraines back after four months free of it, and spent a painful night waiting for the anti-depressants I take to prevent it to kick in.

    I now feel a bit floaty, but this will pass.
  12. congrats!

    Steak and chips sounds yummy!
  13. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    You MUST have taken a few pics?
  14. Maybe tonight I'll make a pic just so I can post one tomorrow. Not that I'll be doing much tonight, but still.
  15. Last night I met a fella, he made me feel so oh oh oh that can mean what you want it to mean...

    Last night I watched 30 Rock until the early hours.
  16. Last night I had my first sober night out in ages and still managed to fall down a flight of stairs and elbow a girl in the face during an enthusiastic rendition of "Bad Romance".
  17. ...watched the World Snooker Final til gone 1am. Which beats everything else for sheer excitement, I'm sure you'll agree.

  18. ...went out to The King's Theatre.
  19. O/T but love the avatar Kirkland.
  20. Hoodwinked security into letting us in an empty room, got drunk in it, and slept with a flatmate. I have an exam tomorrow. Good one Pedro.
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