Last Night I....

Last night I realised that we have had this exact same topic from ages ago, but I can't find it for the life of me. Same topic, theme, everything.
Last night I needed sleep badly but instead stayed up ludicrously late to finish watching season one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey before embarking on season two. Now my eyes won't open fully.

The Poop Master

Last night I went to a private members-only bar for veterans with my mom, her friend, and my brother and watched old, drunk veterans hit on my mom.

It was great.


Last Night I.... waited for Kelis to perform for so long that it was actually this morning!

Last night I feel asleep at 7.30 and only woke at 9 this morning. I blame it on a great Friday night, though I am annoyed that I had to miss going out last night.
Last night I went out for a friend's birthday dressed as a sailor, was chatted up by a middle-aged woman, let the DJ wear my sailor hat as long as he played Alejandro, pulled someone dressed as Tarzan and ended up getting home at 6am sans sailor hat.
jamieluke said:
UnderPressure said:
jamieluke said:
Last night I lost what self respect I had.
Do elaborate!

It involved too much vodka and temporarily losing my mind.
Well as of this morning (and many previous incidents but we won't go into that) I can totally emphathise. Last night I went to the pub quiz at my friend's local, drank a bottle of wine and the equivalent two pitchers of various cocktails, and I don't remember what happend after ten, but needless to say my friend is incredibly pissed off with me and says I was rolling around on the floor underneath another friend's feet after having collapsed, and that all the old people were giving me filthy looks.I'm mortified.


How does one actually get that drunk?
Believe me, I've tried. But there's always a point where it won't stay down. I can honestly say I've never blacked out or been found passed out in a bush like most of my friends, and it rather pains me.
Last night I was happy to go to bed at 1am. Now I feel rested and energized for the rest of my day! Yay!
Last night I watched Dollhouse, American Idol, Junior Apprentice and Desperate Housewives. And a little bit of Buffy season 5.

Woke up this morning not well. *Sad face*