Late 1960s Hits Rate | #48 | A Hazey Family favorite gets the "didn't know this filler song, didn't care for it" treatment.

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This is not a super surprising early exit. I don’t mind a little Dylan here & there, but he’s not something I want to listen to often. I do appreciate his contribution to craft of rock & roll songwriting though.

I also like that random ‘detached’ organ that pops-up in handful folk-rock hits around that era. It always sounds so overdubbed into many song in such a weird way… like its just off doing its own thing (See ‘I Am A Rock’ as well), even though sometimes I imagined it was played live with the band. Stereo mixing was so harsh on some those records in the 60s!

A new ’proper’ stereo mix of the above from a few years ago shows how mixing that organ sound into the production ‘better’ actually makes it lose its charm, in my opinion.

Ddddd the absolute ball of energy and proper classic Like a Rolling Stone being the first song to leave is vintage PopJustice Forums.

Well most of these songs are total classics to be fair.

Like A Rolling Stone isn't my ideal first cut but I'm not mad about it either. Kinda funny it came last by such a large margin though, I guess the length really can't have helped.
Looks like @Maki is eating well early on!



California Vibes 93.2 The Code 15th/15


Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky


| 10 x 3 | @DJHazey, @unnameable, @Remorque

Lowest | 5 x 2 | @One of One, @WoW73 | 5.25 | @Maki

Released | December 1969 (UK) January 1970 (US)


Halfway Rank
| #58 (7.725) -- before @One of One voted, it was #53.

Songfacts | As Norman Greenbaum explained to Songfacts, he set out to write a religious rock song. He is Jewish, but instead of using a Jewish word for God, he used "Jesus" because he thought it would be more marketable. It took months for Greenbaum to finish the music, but the lyrics came really quickly. Greenbaum (from Rolling Stone magazine): "I'm just some Jewish musician who really dug gospel music. I decided there was a larger Jesus gospel market out there than a Jehovah one." The original inspiration for this was a song about a preacher by country singer Porter Wagoner. Greenbaum was also influenced by folk revival music and traditional southern blues.

Well, there we go, maybe the religious nature of it, would prove to be its downfall here.

In the UK, this song has reached #1 three times by three different acts. The first was Greenbaum's version in 1970, then in 1986 Doctor And The Medics took it to #1, and finally in 2003 for Gareth Gates And The Kumars.

Greenbaum was actually born in Massachusetts (and went to Boston University) but moved to California in the mid-60s to start his music career, which is why when I needed a 15th song for this radio station, he became an honorary California artist. Besides, the songs fits the bill for sounding like the psychedelic music during the peace movement/"summer of love".

Greenbaum says that when they mixed this song, they optimized it for car stereo systems, which didn't have a lot of dynamic range. Many years later when songs were often listened to on tiny computer speakers, this came in handy, as you didn't need a subwoofer to appreciate the song.

In the movie Apollo 13, the astronauts play this as the background music and theme song for their TV appearances. Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell has since stated that the real theme song was "Aquarius," as Aquarius was the name of the Lunar Landing Module that ultimately served as the crew's "lifeboat" when the mission went awry.

Greenbaum told Mojo magazine September 2011 the song is "timeless." "Most everyone else sees it that way," he said. "It appeals to one's inner self and the need for redemption, plus, heck, who wants to go to hell?"


@berserkboi (8) - Nice beat! (Another way to say 'the vocal is marmite' -- but yes these pulsating guitars are what make this song so iconic and why I'll never get enough of it. I don't even realize how religious the connotations of it are, as I'm enjoying it. It's like hmmm something like (What If God was) "One of Us" and how I enjoy that even though the lyrics are heavily religious and I'm not religious at all.)

@daninternational (6.5) - Have an irrational dislike of this, probably because of The Kumars' version. Give me the Eurovision song anyday. (Yes, I saw something about the Kumars thing, which looked like a mess.)

@Maki (5.25) - This one has potential but seems to be hidden pretty well. (It's certainly stand out to me against everything else. It's a unique sound.)

I assume the Eurovision song @daninternational is referring to is this:

That's another great early cut. Listening to it again, I kinda felt my score for "Spirit in the Sky" was a bit harsh but, aside the pretty cool instrumental and production elements (hence me saying the song has potential), there's really not much happening. Rather bland melodically too.
And yes KEiiNO definitely have a better song with that title.

So you're saying he's not one of the 10's then?
I gave only three 10s in total - if one of them leaves so early, I might as well unwatch this thread and pretend the rate never happened fff
I gave only three 10s in total - if one of them leaves so early, I might as well unwatch this thread and pretend the rate never happened fff

This is very funny to me because I only gave four 10s in total and one of them was the first song out. I have hope for at least one of them (female vocals) and my 11 to do well, though.

I'm not big on Spirit in the Sky either. I feel like it needs a change-up in the middle of the song. It kind of drones on.
The next cut tomorrow is from a third radio station and involves three 10's, which include me plus two people listed above in either the highest or lowest lineup.

Unless this is host trickery, where @DJHazey says the next song has three tens, and then the reveal comes and it actually has five tens, so he didn't technically lie … I just called to say it’s not Stevie.
Yes, those words 'involves' and 'include' are suspicious!
This is very funny to me because I only gave four 10s in total and one of them was the first song out. I have hope for at least one of them (female vocals) and my 11 to do well, though.
Oh I would've been pissed if that was the case. Sorry for tanking it but looks like it had no chance of escaping last place ff. And look at the average scores, we're not even out of the bottom 3 and already approaching the 8s. This just reminds me that it could always be worse.
I also have four perfect scores (three 10s and one 11) and just now realizing that none of them went to solo female vocals.

So if we are indeed losing a song from a different station, I'm hoping it's The Rolling Stones because at least three 10s doesn't seem like a Stevie Wonder song.

Forgot to ask this earlier @DJHazey but are there any songs which haven't received at least one perfect score?
Bob may have had the first cut, but he's still represented - The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" uses the Dylan lyrics for the song. Bob's attention to folk musicology results in people liking his versions the most!

Shame to lose Spirit in the Sky, I've always found it highly positive.