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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lego, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Stumbled across this album today and after hearing her name around a few places I decided to give it a listen and I am absolutely floored. The talentry! But I was even more shocked to discover after both a forum search and Google search that she somehow doesn't have a thread on this site yet??? That changes now.

    Get into these bangers:

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  2. Saw clips of "On God" video and it's official gworls...

    Cardi, City Girls, Megan, Flo Milli, Big Latto, etc. The Pop Girl with Visuals is a rapper. Adapt accordingly.
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  3. She bodied this.
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  4. She is amazing.
  5. "In n Out" is one of my favorites.
  6. This is fire and so is her verse!
    Obsessed with this lately.

    Good cake too sweet to be bittahh
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  7. I can't stop listening ddd. Bop!
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  8. An oldie but a goodie:

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  9. tea


    I just found out her name is a racial slur?

    "The noun mulatto is an old-fashioned way to refer to someone with one black parent and one white parent. It was common to describe a mixed race person as a mulatto during the period of slavery in the United States."
  10. Yeah a name change needed to happen yesterday.
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  11. Hence why I only refer to her as Big Latto or Racial Slur Doll.
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  12. tea


    New thread title?
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