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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lego, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. It's obvious that she knows she fucked up and has been going by Big Latto. She looks goofy as fuck fighting it as long as she has.
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  2. To make matters surrounding Racial Slur Doll worse, she held a Roaring Twenties-themed party in Atlanta the other day to celebrate her 22nd birthday. No masks in sight. Just vibes.

    She's really hellbent on contaminating all of Atlanta.

  3. She's been constantly partying & doing club appearances throughout this year. When I first heard about her a few months ago, one of the first things I saw on her Twitter was her doing a fan meet & greet where all of her fans were wearing masks but she wasn't. Like, I expect this nonsense from celebrities but with her you can't even try to ignore it.

    Every time she comes up on my timeline it's usually her getting dragged. My first impression of her being her name & her antics make it hard for me to look past any of that, even if some of her music bops. Even then, I don't really think she's giving me anything that the other girls aren't so dddd. Maybe I'll add Muwop to my playlist post-pandemic.
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  4. “Muwop” slaps, but at what cost. At what cost.
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  6. What a moment! I really hope they give this a big of a push as it looks like they’re going to. A triumph, I can smell the success…

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  7. Produced by Dr. Luke …
  8. Really wonder if some of his recent stuff that’s ended up with other rappers was intended for Doja ddd.
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  9. Yeah considering she’s also on RCA, maybe it’s a Hot Pink leftover or something.
  10. Zero bars
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  11. This is a Saweetie song except she doesn’t sell it as well. Whoever allowed L*ke to use that sample can choke.
  12. The way I only hear about her when she’s getting dragged all over Twitter.
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  14. I’m annoyed this track didn’t go to Cardi or Meg, I think they would have had a lot of fun with it.
  15. I actually think this was a pulled Saweetie track, probably her album lead dd.

    'Pretty face no waist and a big ole ass' is 100% her.
  16. Help.

    I screamed when the worm in the apple appeared.
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  17. Mariah not on the credits but the chorus melody ripped from Fantasy…

    someone get Ed Shapiro on the phone case closed
  18. Pffff, that snippet popped up on my timeline earlier this week and I assumed it was a sample, it's so blatant.
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