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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lego, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Duh

    but mariahs MELODY is in Big Energy
  2. Big D Energy is giving me everything I didn't know I needed in this year of our lord 202002.
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  3. A reverse Jennifer Lopezian expedition
  4. I would say the vocal melody is different but werk I guess
  5. I agree, just wanted to post the sample for posterity's sake. Which part of MARIAH's melody do you find in Big Energy? Is it the backing vocals? because I can hear that.
  6. I can't enjoy it because of the L*ke factor, but this looking like a flop to going #1 on Rhythmic and being close to going Top 40 on the Hit 100 is impressive for her.

    Hopefully she can pull a Tay Money and the L*ke factor was just a one-off song deal.
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  7. I feel like this song is all over tik tok.
  8. Good for her. I like the song, actually.
  9. The song is a total bop, it just sucks the predator is attached to it.
  10. Radio propping this up when it looked like a colossal flop is so dark sided nn. If she was going to get a hit, WHY did it have to be this?
  11. It's weird that radio is on board and it was ALL over TikTok for ages, but the streaming numbers are still less than stellar. It's #194 on Apple Music and #64 on Spotify in the US. The discrepancies between what radio plays and what people are listening to is so strange.
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  12. It's #1 on Shazam which probably explains the radio support.
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  13. It reached a new peak on Spotify within the top 50 in the US this past weekend. I wonder what the hold up is with the remix she’s been teasing for weeks?
  14. Hopefully the reason for the hold up starts with an M and ends with a h.
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