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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lego, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Gross!
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  2. So it was Kodak Black then. Of course it was the rapist.
  3. Huh... could the Big Energy remix actually be with Mariah Carey? Her name would fit there.
  4. That’s what people in the know are seemingly speculating.
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  5. This is so upsetting. Not sure what can be done in this case except the label offering her the opportunity to take it out from streaming and re-do the track with someone else?

    The Big Energy remix has to be Mariah! I hope with radio on board and a potential remix streaming boost she can send it in the top 10 just in time for summer.
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  6. ‘’That Mulatto girl ’’... if anything that alone is making thing it is him
  7. "i'm too fly fa dat shit" but you've already been charged with sexual assault so...clearly not.
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  8. He's so repugnant, and I really have to side-eye everyone that willingly works with his perverted ass.
  9. This photo is a serve. It would have been a much better album artwork than what we actually got.
  10. Big Energy remix with Mariah Carey out next week:

  11. Aah, this is going to be a Moment. I hope we get a music video.
  12. Wow.

    It was supposed to happen so obviously I expected everybody to drop the ball on it and not actually do the obvious.

    Fantasy has been gaining on Spotify for weeks and Big Energy is kind of getting bigger still. It‘s exciting to see what will happen.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

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