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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lego, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. The album is really good. I was really out of the loop I didn't even know Big Energy was a real song. I thought it was one of those tiktok mashups. And all the times i've heard clips of it I thought it was Saweetie rapping dd.

    Anyway it's definitely a bop. Can't wait to hear the Mariah remix.
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  2. Isn’t Big Energy produced and co-written by Dr Luke? I adore Mariah but I’d really rather she didn’t jump on a track with his name on it.
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  3. If it’s true it’s gross, he’s a rapist.
  4. The original, yes, but it seems that this could be reproduced by DJ Khaled. We will find out on Monday!
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  5. Oh wow didn't know this. That's unfortunate. A concerning amount of sexual offenders on one album.
  6. Oh no!
    This is so disappointing, I’ve been absolutely loving that song lately. I didn’t know much about Latto and I rarely look up the producer/writer of a song so I genuinely had no idea he was involved.

    It’s a total joke that he still has a career.
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  7. Wouldn’t he still have some sort of credit attached to it though ??
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  8. It’s very likely, but I think we should reserve judgment until we get the full details. I don’t think it’s right to criticise something without knowing all the facts first.
  9. I really hope this is true cause Dr. Luke scoring a song with Mariah would be really bad...

    I don't know if this is true or just fan wishful thinking but it would explain DJ Khaled's presence. Regardless though I believe Luke would still be credited yeah.
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  10. The album is good, though I was definitely expecting it to be a bit poppier. Big Energy is pretty much an outlier, though I guess it makes sense as it was the only song Dr Luke was involved in.
  11. The Mariah remix of Big Energy is jarring. The original has become one of my favourite songs of the moment.
  12. Despite the remix being a hot mess it is just great that Mariah actually did this and Latto must be in heaven she agreed. A generous Queen.
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  13. It was pitched to Saweetie first which is why I think it’s so jarring as a Latto song.
  14. Really? I called this when big Energy dropped dd

    The fact it got Latto album released when Sweetie will still be teasing Pretty Bitxh Music in 2024…
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  15. I just heard this on UK radio… her imperial phase I fear
  16. It all makes sense now because this is the only Latto song I can’t stand.
  17. I've seen two shares of it today from elderly greek cigs...
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