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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. I have yet to fully embrace this record but 'Nothing, Not Nearly' won't let me go.
  2. Uh....




    The album is really growing on me.
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  3. Same. The strings are a magical touch to her sound. I keep returning to it this week.
  4. I went to the tour tonight. I didn't drink cry like I did every other time I've seen her but Don't Pass Me By did pop off unlike it does on the record. Highlight was Salinas.
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  5. I'm very much enjoying this album. The Valley is my favourite and is just so beautiful. Seeing her Friday so should be lit
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  6. This is lovely. For some reason I NEVER got into Short Movie but I think it was just that I missed release day then never gave it enough time. It's perfectly nice. This record appeals to me more a little though. Gorgeous and taut. I maybe expected more experimentation like Soothing but... excellent regardless.
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  7. I have been listening to her back catologue for a while and I Speak Because I Can is prettly glorious.Devil's Spoke may be my go-to song from her.She seems like she is underrated for such a strong discography.Will listen to Semper Femina this weekend; i'm excited needless to say.
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  8. Oh my god, I was going through her discography as well last weekend and had this version of Devil's Spoke she performed with the Dharohar Project on repeat for an hour or two. They look like they're having so much fun! Definitely one of my favourite tracks of hers.
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  9. Love the new album. She has truly become one of the best songwriters, ever.

    'Wild Once' is my favourite at the minute.
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  10. I was crazy about the debut, snapped up the 2nd album as soon as it was released, and really liked that too. Then somehow, for some reason, I drifted. I actually checked to see if I had the albums after that, before I go and buy them again my mistake...and yep, I had them...still sealed!
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  11. This is the perfect album to play on a cloudy sunday morning. I'm in love.
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  12. A lot has been said about this, but I really appreciate how this album is centred around her relationships with women and womanhood. It just deeply resonates with me, especially the tracks 'Next Time' and 'The Valley'. The loud and proud feminist anthems are lovely and great, but there's not enough music (in the mainstream, at least) describing the intricacies and depth of female relationships so beautifully and honestly. Thank you, Laura!!!
  13. I gave this a listen out of curiosity and Next Time made me inexplicably start crying so... this is pretty good.
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  14. I'm attending her show this evening.
  15. Late the party after falling out of love with Laura following Short Movie (which still feels like a bit of a dud in her discography IMO), but oh my, what a beautiful, beautiful record.
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  16. Hi it took me a thousand years to get into Laura and this album but here I am to say that Wild Once in particular is breathtaking and once it releases me from its grip I’m excited to listen to the rest.
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  17. To be honest, she has kind of lost me.

    I think I Speak Because I Can and Once I Was An Eagle hit me at the right time in my growing up and they meant so much....everything after and in between I wasn't so in tune with.

    She's so talented though and when she hits it she hits it just right for me. I am sure she's going to hit it again for me. It really depends on the place she's in and the one I'm in. This is so unique and so much more than a lot of other artists for me.
  18. I regularly listen to this Radio 4 show they did with her about the making of Once I was an Eagle. Its really interesting insight into how she writes her music and she gives a great explanation into the symbolism in her lyrics and how it relates to psycho analysis. Recommend if you've got a spare hour:
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  19. She is one part of LUMP, new collaborative project with Mike Lindsay.

    New video dropped today!
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