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Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Perched for yet another folky, ethereal scalping.
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  2. Great news, will definitely catch one of the Aussie shows.
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  3. She's just announced UK dates. I'm excited
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  4. Amazing news, Laura coming to save my Easter Weekend! I can't wait to listen to this, I'm always super captivated by her records! Funnily enough been listening to Short Movie a lot during these times. Pre-Order with Vinyl and CD is a bit messy now, so props to her for releasing this ahead of schedule!
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  5. So glad it's coming so soon!
  6. I was kind of... exhausted recently to find out she's descended from wealthy aristocracy, but this'll be perfect for my end-of-the-week melancholy as she rarely puts a foot wrong.
  7. Semper Femina was excellence henny. So excited for this. We going airplane emoji transcend!
  8. Wild Once...ugh wig
  9. I’ve kind of checked out of the last two albums but I’m excited nonetheless.
  10. Bloody hell, time goes so damn quick!

    I love her so much so this can't come soon enough.
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  11. Yes, this is so great.
    Especially when most other artists are postponing their albums.
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  12. The way she ended Gaga.
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  13. I can’t express how happy she has made me feel. At the peak of the adoption process too so her announcement and album title is so apt for my life right now.
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  14. Bit*h it’s a the serve.
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  15. RJF


    I thought the date in the thread title was a rating when I first read it and was shocked at the brutality.
  16. I love the production on Held Down.
  17. It's a thread by me. *Wendy Williams voice* Come awn now
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  18. Oh, I’m about to head into the Laura Marling phase of my quarantine listening I see.

    It’s really been 10 years since I Speak Because I Can? Her songs have meant so much to me through the stages of my life since leaving school. I’m ready for another album for this mess of a moment.
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