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Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Also, I have cemented my position that Short Movie (Director’s Cut) is her best, and maybe my fave album of all time? The songs still reveal layers to me, and the many highs just knock me sideways.
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  2. Was a big fan in the beginning but she kinda lost me with the last couple albums. But heard a couple new songs live on YT that were great, so there's hope for the new album.


  3. Fuck! This is so good. The cascading vocal thing she does reminds me of "Emotions," and am I crazy for hearing some Sarah McLachlan vibes? I instantly love it in a way I haven't loved a song of her's in a while.
  4. My ranking of her albums, all of which I think are at the very least "good":

    Once I Was An Eagle
    I Speak Because I Can
    A Creature I Don't Know
    Semper Femina
    Alas I Cannot Swim
    Short Movie
    LUMP (if this counts)

    New song is fab and I've no reason to doubt the new record will be lovely too.
  5. I also LOVE Short Movie! It's interesting because it's not considered her best work and some people write that they lost interest after Once I Was An Eagle, but it just has a very particular vibe I enjoy a lot.

    So I tried to create a ranking too and it was nearly impossible. Rank 1-4 are super close and I like all of them for different reasons. Then there's a gap to "I Speak Because I Can"; it definitely houses some of her best songs, but IMO it's more a collection of good to great songs, whereas albums 1-4 additionally have a distinct vibe and atmosphere, which capture me more than her first 2 albums.

    1. Short Movie
    2. Once I Was An Eagle
    3. A Creature I Don't Know
    4. Semper Femina (justice for "Soothing", but I don't like everything on here)

    5. I Speak Because I Can
    6. Alas I Cannot Swim
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  6. I feel like Laura's in a position where she can do whatever she wants. I'm sure every label executive would've said no to such a rollout without a single, proper announcement and Pre-Order.

    It's a bit different to Dua who already had everything lined up, each single released plus a leak. She did the best she could to in that particular position.

    As for Gaga, she's sort of between these 2 regarding her album rollout, but the smell of label order is pretty obvious IMO. I feel like artists rarely want to postpone releases and Gaga's such a star, this could've been a hit even without proper Promo.
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  7. Laura is one of the greatest artists the UK's produced...ever.

    ONLY Short Movie didn't grab me, but It's still good. I URGE anyone who didn't give Once I Was An Eagle or Semper Femina a go to do so immediately.

    Plus LUMP was incredible and a total change in sound for her. Immaculate in every way.
  8. For me Alas I Cannot swim is her peak sadly imho, after that she went too serious with her songwriting, her debut had more sparkle and incredible songs like Ghosts, My Manic & I, Cross your Fingers, Night Terror,... so many great songs... album 2 had some good songs too like What He Wrote, but every album she released afterwards was a bit less interesting and she kinda lost me as a fan...
    but then I saw some live YT of recent songs and seemed very good, so Im giving her another chance.
  9. I bloody loved the LUMP album!

    Her best overall album is Once I Was An Eagle, but I'll always have a soft spot for her debut.
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  10. Alas I Cannot Swim contains that 'sparkle' because it contains her most 'immature' writing. And that's not shade when it comes to Laura - I remember it coming out and my mind being blown that she could write like that when so young. But she has matured ever more with each release. The first album has some Noah and the Whale vibes still, meaning it's very pleasant and maybe more hooky, but the writing itself get's much stronger as time goes on. The Suite (the first 4 songs on Once I Was An Eagle) is absolutely insane, capped off by Master Hunter..?! Fuck. And that was seven years ago! Her material after I Speak Because I Can is so rich. Even if I thought that album could never be bettered at the time. She became looser, more able to sound free in her story telling and questioning. If the first two albums are beautifully hand-written letters read aloud in the comfort of home, what would come later are more hastily scrawled tales but performed, full-bodied and loud, to the world.

    I dunno. It's all fab.
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  11. This remains one of my all-time favourite tracks, especially in this stripped back live version:
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  12. She is fantastic. You can tell she will be releasing albums for all of her life. I remember when she won Best Female at the Brits and some of the audience we like, who?!
  13. Semper Femina knocked me off so I'm super intrigued by the new stuff. Held Down sounds very promising.

    Before 2017 I'd only known her from this feature:

    It screams 'produced in 2008', but I have such a soft spot for this song.
  14. Reviews seem to be great so far. Excited to dig in tomorrow. We might also get a short film/video of some kind if these are anything to go by?

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  15. This is a very pretty listen and I think I will end up preferring it to her past 2 albums.

    Fortune is really beautiful especially.

    Strange Girl was my least favourite on first listen, it reminds me of Strange from Short Movie and it doesn’t really fit into the record.

    It feels like her quietest record overall. Kind of like Night After Night.
  16. This is so gorgeous. Wow. Easily better than the last one but there is something really special about this one. The melodies are gorgeous and it’s all so heartbreaking? Even when it’s happy. I love it after one listen.
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  17. FUCK this is everything I needed, 36 minutes of pure bliss. Her voice is so soothing, even in such a turbulent time. This has AOTY potential for me, I cannot turn it off.

    She has one of my favourite voices of this generation at this point. Her discography is CONSISTENT despite how prolific she is.
  18. Marling Darlings, we are eating. This album is stunning. I've played it at least 6 times already.
  19. This is gorgeous. Probably one of the best albums I've heard this year.
  20. Similar to others I fell off the Marling train a while back but this popped up on my release radar and it was the perfect listen this morning. Time to back track and discover the great music I've missed.
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