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Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I didn't read much back story about the record. My friend told me that she isn't a mother?! I guess I feel a little guilty for assuming? I thought the title and themes were more explicit.

    I haven't chewed on the lyrics as much, but sounds like this is her singing about what her relationship with her daughter might be, in the context of the world and how her failed relationship would have been impacted. Knowing that she's writing from this perspective makes the record take on a different tone. I'm excited to listen more knowing it.
  2. I've tried so hard, but I still can't get into her. It's all so dry to me. Nothing sticks.
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  3. I’m the exact same. I’ve tried for years. I appreciate her a lot as a lyricist but overall, yeah, it’s pretty dry for me too.
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  4. I've only listened to the album once and I can tell its one of those that will grow with each listen.
    It's quite minimal really, there's hardly any percussion.
    But somehow I'm already convinced it will sit in my top 5 by the end of the year.
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  5. This album’s gorgeous. So breezy and light.
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  6. Did For You have me weeping as I queued to get into Sainsbury's yesterday?

    tenor - 2020-02-03T072959.994.gif
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  7. What a voice. One of the best the UK vocalists for a generation if you ask me. This album couldn't have come at a better time. Stay in and sit by a window looking out at the sun for 35 minutes of pure bliss, or get out in your garden for the same. Brilliant.
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  8. I can‘t say I‘m surprised but this is yet another gorgeous record from Laura. Strange Girl is the only song that isn’t connecting thus far with me, somehow it doesn‘t really fit. However, the trinity of Blow by Blow, the Title Track and Fortune is absolutely masterful. Blow By Blow in particular is ending me, this could’ve landed on the last, piano-led third of Norman Fucking Rockwell.

    The album also starts and ends on a strong note and her vocals remain incredibly sexy and soothing, while her Lyricism is also as gripping as ever. I think overall it’s more consistent than Semper Femina.

    Yet another triumph and a perfect record for «enjoying» Quarantine.
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  9. Yeah so much new territory for her here (how?! She always outdoes herself) with the same mix of familiarity she always bring to record. God, to be able to write and express feeling like she does!

    Strange Girl is a bop (for her standards) and is giving me someone else teas but maybe it’s that slightly...Sheryl Crow vibe? Maybe not who I’m thinking of. Blow By Blow is quietly devastating, as is End of the Affair.

    Clear she’s had a significant event or two to ruminate on since the last (happier?!) album.
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  10. The run of Alexandra-Held Down-Strange Girl is amazing.
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  11. Strange Girl and For You hinder an otherwise return to form for me.
  12. Held Down is so fantastic, hoping the rest of the album grows on me as well. One play through and I certainly enjoyed it.
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  13. Blow by Blow

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  14. I haven't read this thread, but I just wanted to say Held Down gives me big Joni Mitchell recording 'Hissing of Summer Lawns' feels. It has that Californian tenderness.
  15. For You is just perfect.

    Now that I have you
    I will not forget
    What a miracle you are
    No childish expectations
    Love is not the answer
    But the line that marks the start

    Wow. I'm welling up just typing that.
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  16. aux


    I'm so, so glad @ohnostalgia told me to listen to this.

    Absolutely phenomenal. I might have cried from the start of the album till much later once the album was finished.
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  17. Can’t believe I’ve slept on this, such a fan of ‘I Speak because I can’. This will definitely be for my wind down walk tomorrow.
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