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Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Just listened to this immediately after Fetch The Bolt Cutters on my good headphones...

  2. I liked this from the very beginning, but it's grown even more the past few weeks. What a gorgeous album, I'm absolutely in awe.
  3. Laura is a guest on this week's episode of The Adam Buxton Podcast - apart from chatting to Adam she played three songs off the new album: Fortune, The End of the Affair and the title track. Her speaking voice is so soothing (no pun intended), I also find her to be quite intriguing as a person.

    I had no idea she used to host her own podcast - I'm gonna dive right in it starting this evening.
  4. Well there’s my bedtime ASMR sorted. That sounds shady but I swear that isn’t how I mean it!
  5. Blow by Blow tore my hair out strand by stand and I was appreciative of every painful tug.
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  6. Thanks for this. I’m listening now and not even Laura herself not liking Short Movie for all the reasons I adore it.

    EDIT: She’s just played Fortune and oh wow oh wow we love a 10am cry.
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  7. I'm on a Laura binge and stumbled across this Fortune performance recorded for Later... with Jools Holland:

    Beautiful stuff, she's so precious!
  8. It really is a fantastic record. And perfect for lockdown in the sunny garden.
  9. Fortune is one of her most beautiful tracks in years. I also adore End of the Affair.

    Those tracks topped off by Hope We Meet Again. I just melt when she almost just talks her lyrics.

    Such a trinity of songs.
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