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Laura Mvula Discography Rate - #42 - it's a new dawn it's a new day it's a new life

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Apr 18, 2022.

  1. Me praying for my 11 to win this rate.

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  2. Let's do this, shall we?



    *Not Laura Mvula
    Nobody Knows My Name (José James and Laura Mvula)
    Music: José James, Kris Bowers Lyrics: José James

    Score: 5.89
    Peak: 42 Valley: 61

    José’s Ladiés: (9) @Sprockrooster (8.5) @TéléDex
    Scat Deniers: (4) @soratami @Skyline (5) @klow @odyism
    Boom Score: 5

    At #61, we say goodbye to our first optional track, “Nobody Knows My Name,” which comes from jazz/hip-hop fusion artist José James off of his 2020 album “No Beginning No End 2.”

    I’ll be completely real with you all. I don’t know much about this artist, this collaboration, or this song, and listening to it a few more times to spark some inspiration for this write-up is leaving me little desire to change that. It’s standard Jazz fare. Both James and Mvula (obviously) feature some great vocals, but it’s your basic Jazz progression, solos that go on for far too long, very little form... the whole thing gave me very back in Music school sitting through Recital Class when the jazz musicians would play a 14 minute tune with no melody and no switch-ups and all the classical and musical theatre students would all just sit there crying or sleeping. Sorry if that is a very specific POV, but that’s what you get with a goofy ass rate host like me.

    It didn’t inspire a lot of chatter from you lot either. @Sprockrooster (9) says “Me to Jose James:
    Insert Rihanna-who’s-that-gif, but he has damn good voice! So I am definitely checking him out.” If you do and you find out anything interesting, let us know!

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  3. Umm....


    Sad, Sad World (Jamie Cullum and Laura Mvula)

    Written by Jamie Cullum

    Score: 6.00
    Peak: 58 Valley: 61

    Embarrassing Jamie Cullum Lovers: (8) @TéléDex (7) @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Attis
    Sad Sad Voters: (3) @Sprockrooster
    Special Shout-Out: @Trouble in Paradise who hates Jamie Cullum so much he just flat out said NOPE once he got to the optional section and never looked back.
    Boom Score: 7

    Remember when I just kind of ragged on Jazz for our first elimination?


    Jazz is my friend.

    In an embarrassing display of poor taste, I actually really like Jamie Cullum.

    Well at least, Jamie’s first three albums. LIke, I saw this man in concert, by choice, twice. And while his music (and … his voice) has gotten worse and worse over the years, Pointless Nostalgic, Twentysomething, and Catching Tales were all pretty excellent albums to these ears, and they all came out when I was in High School and thought being a blossoming pop artist who infused classical and jazz elements (not too far from what Laura started out doing) was cool as fuck. Now, it’s been proven over the years that Jamie Cullum is far from being “cool as fuck,” but I won’t deny that I always have a soft spot for him because of my memories of those three albums.

    This song? It’s fine. Jamie’s voice is particularly grating on this one. @Sprockrooster (3) agrees: “Why does Jamie Cullum always sound like he is too bored to sing his own tracks. Every point awarded is fought for by Laura.” Truly! The second Laura starts her second verse, the song definitely gets a jolt of … something. Even Jamie’s piano solo is pretty, but his drunk lounge singer vocals, especially when he and Laura are singing together, make the end a bit of a slog to get through.

    Anyway, here are 3 songs by Jamie Cullum that I actually really like for those who are glutton for punishment.

    And the actual song for those who want to listen again:
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  4. I'm actually pretty partial to some Cullum myself - twentysomething was on constant rotation for a few months back when I was a... ten-something... No judgement here.
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  5. Can't say I'll miss these first two eliminations.

    I wonder what the first solo Laura track to leave will be? I'd guess it's either a bonus track from Sing to the Moon or an interlude from The Dreaming Room.
  6. Out of spite, I wish it's Take the Time - it's not available in high quality anywhere so I hate it. I hate it so.
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  7. And while we are here--

    Some score tea for you
    *to keep it fun, don't share your 11s below


    *Only one song received multiple 11s, but which could it be?
    *One voter is losing their 11 in the first 15 eliminations, but who is it?
    *One song was #1 until the very final vote, but how far did it slip?
    *One album was completely omitted from the top 10 until the very final vote, but which song eeked it's way into the top batch?
    *The entire Top 10 snagged a 9.00+ average. Taste!
    *We have 7 two way ties and 2 three way ties. In all instances, ties will be broken by highest vote (i.e. most 10s, most 9s, etc.)

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  8. Maybe next year there'll be a Sing to the Moon 10th anniversary edition and we *might* get Take the Time on streaming. Maybe.
  9. I'd guess a Pink Noise track got multiple 11's.

    I hate to say it, but it wouldn't surprise me if Sing to the Moon almost missed Top 10. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Pink Noise dominates the Top 10.
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  10. I'd somehow completely forgotten I've actually seen José James in a music festival years ago until reading that elimination, he was playing before Santigold, who is obviously who I wanted to see. Honestly I don't remember anything about it, which also applies to that song. Perfect first cut.

    Sad, Sad World, on the other hand, is cute, in a 6/10 kind of way. Probably could have lasted one or two more eliminations but I think it was bound to go out in the bottom five.
  11. It wasn't good for us.


    Good Morning, Heartache (Jamie Cullum and Laura Mvula)
    Written by Dan Fisher, Ervin Drake, Irene Higginbotham

    Score: 6.25
    Peak: 54 Valley: 59

    Embarrassing Jamie Cullum Lovers: (8.25) @TéléDex
    Heartachers: (4) @Sprockrooster
    Boom Score: 8

    Oh dear Jamie, you were truly not long for this rate, were you? You shant be missed!

    Today we say goodbye to another Optional Song (the last one, I might add, for a few good eliminations)” “Good Morning, Heartache” performed by Jamie Cullum and Laura Mvula.

    As far as this song – I think you all did this one a bitsy dirty, but I understand why. Jamie partnered with Laura one more time to release his cover of “Good Morning, Heartache,” made famous by the incomparable Billie Holiday.

    And that, my friends, is the crux of the problem with this cover. Jamie simply doesn’t have the range (literally and figuratively) to pull off such an iron clad classic. Laura sounds fine on trhis, which – when you have a voice like Laura’s, “fine” isn’t a word I use often for her. It’s simply not a particularly exciting or electric vocal from either of them.

    @Sprockrooster (4) continues to be a Jamie anti: “This had the potential to be a great track if the lead artist was not Jamie Cullum.” My dear, you are right! It is a great track. In fact, here it is as a great track below, all performed to perfection by The Queen Billie Holiday, The Queen Diana Ross, and The Queen, Jill Scott.

    And here is the Jamie/Laura version that isn’t as good as any of the three versions above it.

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  12. I struggle to put it succinctly but my disdain for Mr Cullum has a lot to do with stanning a lot of his female contemporaries like Norah Jones and Corinne Bailey Rae and just finding him lacking in all departments compared to them. Add in misogyny, the general glut of Buble clones clogging up so much of modern vocal jazz and as mentioned in the write up, the fact that he just doesn’t have the range for some of these classics. Laura exists almost in direct opposition in my mind as a forward thinking student of the genre and one who has created her own unique imprint on both the genre as a whole and on the standards she covers.
  13. Well that's surprising, I definitely thought at least a couple more would be getting kicked out soon. I'm guessing we're probably moving to the non-optional extras now dd
  14. I can't emphasise enough how true I think this is.
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  15. I know that I scored relatively high for these two Jamie Cullem tracks. But with my 8s being among my lowest scores of Laura's rate, I am hardly an 'Embarassing Jamie Cullum Lover'. I used to be one of Sia's Lovers, but that's the closest I've been to being an Embarassing Lover overall.
  16. Well, I for one am not mad about these Jamie Cullum exits (even though I do somehow appreciate Sad, Sad World dddd).

    At least the José James was short and sweet, even if it doesn't go anywhere, which is something those Cullum tracks don't. Plus, next to having a fantastic voice, he's kind of a snack too.

  17. Interesting to think how after her debut Laura probably could have chosen to go in a Jamie Cullum/Norah Jones/etc direction and probably would have had quite a bit more commercial success if she had done so. Good thing she didn't though.

  18. #58

    Something Out Of The Blue
    Deluxe Track from Sing To The Moon

    Written by Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright

    Score: 6.27
    Peak: 53 Valley: 61

    My Cherie Amours: (9.75) @Trouble in Paradise (9) @Attis
    Superstitious Girls: (1) @BritPopLover (4) @Skyline
    Boom Score: 7

    Our first album track to depart the rate is Sing To The Moon’s bonus track “Something Out of the Blue.” I am going to become a broken record in this rate, but you did this STTM track a bit dirty. Especially YOU @BritPopLover. <3

    Here, Laura Mvula covers the sweet song originated by Stevie Wonder. Lyrically, it’s simple but affecting. The singer is lamenting about being at the lowest of the low, full of despair, until divine intervention, well, intervened and brought love into their life. “Something out of the blue, said I needed you.”

    Listening to Laura’s and Stevie’s versions back to back, what struck me the most is the tone of each song. Stevie’s version feels more joyful and reminiscent, as if he’s telling his amour the memory of their beginning from a long time ago, almost story-like. It’s whimsical and lighthearted, like the pain he had was from a time long gone.

    Laura’s, however, is more immediate, more somber. The slower pace, the romantic harp-only instrumentation; it sounds as if Laura is singing of a moment that is happening right now. You can feel the sadness in her voice. She is still feeling the pain and the despair, but she sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

    @Trouble in Paradise (9.75) gave this one a new chance in this rate. “I don’t think I had ever given this a second thought til this rate but damn did she slap me in the face with this one.” I get that! In an album already filled with quiter, slower moments, perhaps the slowest and quietest of all being tacked at the end as a Bonus Track is a recipe for “let me listen to this for 6 seconds and shut it off.” I’m happy this rate gave her a convert!

    Unfortunately, there is no live performance of this track, so attached below are both Laura’s and Stevie’s versions, respectively.

  19. That was a quick and efficient Jamie Cullum cull.

    Did anyone else always confuse him with Jamie Lidell?

    And why is there so much body horror in this video?
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