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Laura Mvula Discography Rate - #53 - If you're gonna let me down, let me down gently...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Apr 18, 2022.

  1. Oh yeah, collecting her shit is a full-time PI job.

    (On that note, if anyone happens to know where to find a HQ, non-YouTube rip of Take The Time, my DMs are wide open)
  2. I do think it makes sense to omit her jazz/classical collabs like you mentioned in the first page. Stuff like Run to Me and We Go Harder would definitely fit the rate though.
  3. I would love to get involved with this. I need to delve into her first 2 albums though as I only got properly into her with the last era (and a half).
  4. WAIT I didn’t miss this! Life is a dumpster fire but I can do most of this by memory
  5. She did a song with Tinie Tempah for his Demonstration album too.

    Also: ddddddd at two of the five extras on the past page not being available.
  6. I will be voting! I may very well give every song on Pink Noise a 10.
  7. Hey all!

    So, I apparently picked the worst time to start hosting a rate. Work has become beyond chaotic and will be for a few weeks. (I go through these periods of being bored beyond recognition to working 70 hours weeks with no stop and no time to sit down and collect my thoughts.)

    I'm still proceeding as planned, with the May 18th deadline that will almost certainly get extended, but we shall see. As far as the songs that were forgotten/omitted, once I was deciding how many extras/optionals to do, I decided to keep the Extras specifically to her major releases, major film soundtrack songs, or major collabs, and keep the optionals section to her more off beat collabs, jazz works, songs that aren't available in all regions, etc etc.

    Because of that, I am going to add We Go Harder to the extras and I'll get it on the spreadsheet and opening posts shortly. All the other songs I will likely add to the Optionals section. I encourage any and all who are interested to vote for all the Optionals too, but I won't require them at this point. Thanks for understanding -- and I look forward to when things quiet down ever so slightly so I can devote a bit more attention to Laura, she deserves it!
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  8. Can I just say that I love this? I'm able to work my way through the songlist during slow shifts, rather than using my phone's Notes app. I will be much less likely to make a mistake this way!
  9. I’m glad! It’s just as much for me as it is for you! Much easier to copy an entire row into a spreadsheet than manually enter each score and hope for no errors.
  10. I think I can participate in this!
    The discography is concise enough and I have listened to all the albums well enough that I can contribute some scores!
  11. Wait, we're not rating Nan? What am I going to give my 11 to now?
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  12. I hate you.
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  13. I pray for you every morning.
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  14. I just noticed there are a couple of songs on the Spotify playlist that aren't on the song list - Silence is the Way and Something. Just wanted to make sure whether we're rating those or not.
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  15. Weird. I'll take a look. You rated everything correctly though!

    We've got 3 ballots so far, but I can only blame myself for being a completely absent mother to this rate. I couldn't conceivably start eliminations next week based on my current work life, and I want to give everyone who is looking to participate an opportunity to. Because of that:


    By then, work will have calmed down, and also my partner will be away on a gig for 9 weeks and I won't feel badly about sitting down on my computer in the evenings after working all day dddd.
  16. Sing To The Moon 8.333 (+ bonus tracks: 8)
    The Dreaming Room 9 (+ bonus tracks: 8.824)
    1/f 9
    Pink Noise 9.4
    Extras 7
    Optional Songs 5.857

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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    (Because I'm lazy @boombazookajoe is their a PM-able list of the songlist you could make and post in one of the first posts thanks xx)
  18. Ffff yes! Added it to the second post!
  19. Going on a little vacation for the next 5 days — anyone going to add a little ballot surprise to my DMs while I’m gone?
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