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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. That performance was so good! I hope the album is actually quite interesting. I love She but, I don't want an album full of slowies.
  2. She was more happy-smiley than I imagined her to be. It was a delight to see.
  3. I remember hearing 'She' a little while ago and I wasn't the biggest fan, but listening again. She's amazing. I hope she's huge.
  4. So pleased to find out she is the support for Jessie Ware in Cambridge in a couple of weeks - love them both!
  5. TJ


    Has anyone had a listen to the album? I really like it. It was released yesterday! #5 in the mids.
  6. God yes, it's brilliant. World class.
  7. It is very good. 'I Don't Know What The Weather Will Be' is my favourite I suppose. Amazing vocals.
  8. Just saw her supporting Jessie Ware in Cambridge and she was lovely.
  9. A&E


    Laura looks stunning in the "That's Alright" video:

  10. Flawless...

    I just stumbled upon this live version of one of Jamie Cullum's tracks, Sad Sad World.. I'm assuming she features on the studio version too....

    So beautiful.
  11. New "She" video:


    Well thought out enough to set itself apart from the original video, and I quite like the single mix of the song too - it makes it a bit more instant and radio friendly without stripping it of its delicateness and vulnerability.

    I'm still holding out for "Sing to the Moon" to get released as a single... maybe in November? It's perfect for autumn/winter time.
  12. I love this album. How many copies has it sold now?
  13. I want to like her, so I'm playing the album again, but it's... a little dull? I need to give it my proper attention one day though, with headphones etc.
  14. I listened to the album a lot and I quite like her, but the only songs I come back to are She and Green Garden. I wish I could love more of it.
  15. KAG


    "Green Garden" is one of the best singles released this year. While, the album has gotten stale for me, "Green Garden" still sounds fresh. The hand clapping at the beginning and the vocoder on her voice is so amazing
  16. I love Green Garden! Definitely need to check out more.

    How about an ad for undies?
  17. A&E


  18. Laura was nominated for the 2013 Mercury Prize. She may not win, but I guess being on the shortlist is an honor in itself.
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