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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Okay but wait at this Rose Royce / Strictly Come Dancing audition / major POPSTAR serve.
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  2. This post really made me smile.
  3. What a great video!
  4. I discovered Got Me over the weekend and I’ve been obsessed. So much so I just ordered the album on vinyl.
    What else of this glorious woman’s music should I be checking out?
  5. Well I heard the video mix on the radio so I guess it's just the radio edit
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  6. Her ‘1/f’ EP from earlier this year is well worth checking out. It’s reworks of her older songs in a new 80s/electronic style, and was essentially her first teaser of this new sound.
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  7. Yes, I've added that to my playlist, looking forward to hearing it. I'm a sucker for this sound!
  8. 2014

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    New song What Matters with Simon Neil is out on Thursday!!!
  9. It’s SUCH a good song. So excited to hear the studio version.
  10. [​IMG]
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    They actually sounded really good together on the livestream so I have high hopes!!
  12. I’m excited but the amount of pre-releases for this short album is excessive!
  13. I am actually half tempted to not listen to this new one until I receive my album, for the same reason.
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  14. The only reason I’ll listen is because I’ve been hammering it anyway from the live stream concert — but I’m not crazy about knowing about half the album before release.
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  15. Production remains immaculate. Love this tune. Kind of enjoyed the clearer/more to the front vocals in the live stream, but it’s still a serve.

  16. The outro is stellar. If there’s one thing about Laura, it’s that she knows how to later a good outro
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  17. I've been bouncing around ideas for the next rate that I want to host, and I really think I would love to host a Laura Mvula rate. She's got enough material now with her 3rd album mere weeks away that it could be a fun one. With her 3 albums and the bonus tracks/one off/features I think it would be around 55 songs. If I were to do this, would people be interested?

  18. Count me in!
  19. I'd be here for it for sure
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    This is lush.
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