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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Just finished my first play of the album and I can already tell how obsessed I'll be with certain songs. Before the Dawn in particular... my life before this song feels completely different to my life after it (and I'm aware how dramatic that sounds fff).
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  2. I have a car journey in a bit I've put aside to discover this on
  3. Nah, this was my precise reaction to Sing to the Moon (the album). That, True Romance, and Dido’s Girl Who Got Away were my holy trinity of transformative listens in 2013.
  4. Sing To The Moon is in my Top 5 Albums of all time.
  5. Mmm yes, what a fucking album. First listen, already ordered that pink vinyl.
  6. Before The Dawn is gorgeous. I got literal chills. This is the best produced album I've heard in ages.
  7. Yes! It sounds glorious right off the bat, but it really rewards repeated listens too. The production is *so* detailed.
  8. RJF


    What a jubilant album! She has the best layered harmonies in the game.
  9. The album is no 5 in the midweeks.
  10. Ohhh if it could hold in the Top 10 that would be a good result!
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  11. Fingers crossed. Joan Armatrading had a midweek #5 a couple of weeks ago and finished at #10 so definitely a chance.
  12. I've already recommended it to three friends, after two listens.
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  13. 2014

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    I am literally playing it every hour at work doing my bit!!! It is such a good listen, I can't get enough.
  14. That’s so exciting! Fingers crossed she can stay Top 10!
  15. There are no duds on this album. The limit of its brilliance does not exist! It's just high after high after high.
  16. The rest of the album is so good that I don't even mind the incongruous straight white man that pops up! Queen of making me more liberal and tolerant x
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  17. She’s very fond of that “incongruous straight white man”:

    “Simon [Neil, of Biffy Clyro] is one of the most special humans I think I'll probably ever meet or work with, so reverent for music and the art of collaboration.”
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  18. I gave this its first play today when I was out for a walk and it is such a triumph. The way she's shifted into this lane so effortlessly and pulled it all off so well? Iconic. What a star.
  19. Every genius has their flaws, I guess!
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