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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. This is a solid 10/10 for me.
  2. I would love to see this go top 10, not only because it is a fantastic album, but also to properly show up her previous label who dumped her by email. [big mistake, huge.gif]
  3. Yesterday she was asked about songs that didn’t make the cut, and sadly there aren’t any. She said that she doesn’t write many songs. No deluxe in a few months time I guess.
  4. The Björk teas on Conditional yes god
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  5. SMG


    REMEDY, though.
  6. After listening to the album in the right moood. Wow what an album!! My favs are Conditional, Magical and What Matters.
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  7. Judging by the wait she gave us, I believe her completely.
  8. 2014

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    A great sister album (or should that be brother dd??) to this is Sam Sparro's Boombox Eternal, going for the similar 80s tinge and Janet feels in my opinion.
  9. She struggled with writers block and loss of confidence after she was dropped, she did well to not panic and deliver this record. Can’t believe she had to be talked into putting ‘Got Me’ on the album, she was was doing a Twitter sync listen and said this. Mentioned it on Insta too.
  10. Down to #7 in the midweeks. Start buying those cassettes y’all!
  11. The CD album has been reduced to £6.99 on Amazon and the official store too.

    I've purchased the cassettes to help her out! Would love to see this go top 10.
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  12. There are some genuinely cute merch bundles on the official store too. I might snatch the cap/cassettes since I've already got the vinyl coming.
  13. I need that picture disc in my life.

    I already have the CD, orange vinyl, pink vinyl and the two cassettes! My poor pink purse…
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  14. Maybe it's only happening to me but I'm trying to add the pink vinyl to the basket on the official store and it says the basket is empty. what can I do?
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    Before The Dawn is an immaculate closer, this really is going to be my album of 2021 I feel it.
  16. Try in a different browser and/or turn adblock off, that usually fixes shopping cart issues for me.
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  17. I love the album, so I've ordered the LP and picture disc to compliment the CD I already have. Of course that means I'll end up getting the orange vinyl too for my OCD, but I draw the line at cassettes. I see Yola is releasing her new album on 8-track, so I do hope that's not a sign of things to come. A step too far!
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  18. It's Album Of The Week on Radio 2, which is always a plus
  19. Yeah, St.Vincent released different coloured 8-track editions of her album too, currently going for small fortunes on Discogs!
  20. Down to #9 in the Midweeks. How do we keep her top 10?!?!?! Arggggghhhh.
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