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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Yeah, St.Vincent released different coloured 8-track editions of her album too, currently going for small fortunes on Discogs!
  2. Down to #9 in the Midweeks. How do we keep her top 10?!?!?! Arggggghhhh.
  3. She’s doing a live Instagram chat now and mentioned that she’s been back in the studio recently!
  4. Empty those purses, girls!!!
  5. Remedy is the best song of all time.
  6. The way I'm basically spamming every homo and pop-loving straight gal in my Whatsapp to send them a link to this album? That's promo!
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  7. I cannot overstate how much I love this album. My album of the year hands down. Conditional AND Remedy being on the same album!? I could not BELIEVE the talent!
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  8. Phew! Amazon has just dispatched my CD. Warner better send my cassettes tomorrow so they count towards her chart position.
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  9. I'm obsessed. Golden Ashes is a religious experience. Everything soars. I'm harassing several family members on WhatsApp to buy this.
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  10. Do we think there’s any chance the 1/f EP will see a vinyl release? Maybe as a bonus disc on a Pink Noise special edition, to snatch those extra album sales?
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  11. She's said it'll get a vinyl release but I don't think it was planned beforehand so we might be waiting a while.
  12. Somebody asked about hearing the demos and she said she’d never thought about it but definitely would now if she thought they were good enough. So some remixes and demos as a packaged reissue would be cool.
  13. Pink Noise debuted at #21 on the UK Albums Chart.

    Really deserved Top 10 though.
  14. I’m shocked it dropped from #5 to #21!
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  15. Jesus...
  16. Same entry position as ‘The Dreaming Room’.
  17. It was #9 on the midweek on Wednesday (I think?) so I'm surprised it dropped so far. Maybe there was some data missing before?
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  18. And Carly’s E•MO•TION. Legends only!

    This album deserves the world - I hope Atlantic keep her on. Fingers crossed that another set of glowing reviews keeps her booked and busy for the next year, at the very least.
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  19. This is a hate crime.
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