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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. It was #5 in the first update. I don’t think there was missing data, all her sales must’ve been frontloaded preorders. Still I was surprised as Joan Armatrading only dropped to 10 from 5 as I mentioned previously.
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  2. She deserves the world but with art this good I’m not gonna worry about chart placements
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  3. 2014

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    Considering it's the same position as The Dreaming Room and that was with a bigger label, she should be proud. Maybe some of her performances could have been saved for this week though, but she can't really help that (especially with everything else going on).
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  4. That's a shame but I think the issue was the lack of TV promo this week (ultimately her sales are reliant on older people who will be less attune to online buzz?).

    Whilst I'm sure they were hoping for a better result, I would hope Atlantic knew she was never going to be a huge $$ maker for them and signed her more for the prestige. Would dread to think of how upset she'd be by a repeat of the dropping.
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  6. Oh my Goddddddd. I am done w/ this thread for today. Ddddddddd.
  7. Wait what? How on earth did it drop from top 5 to 21?!
  8. Would’ve liked to see it make the top 10, but top 40 is still very respectable.
  9. That’s good news. That artwork on vinyl…
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  10. The chart position is…bad, it’s also such a frustrating narrow margin - another 250 copies and she’d have been no 12.
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  11. Did anyone get an Amazon signed edition? The official store sent a signed art card of the album cover, and I'm curious if Amazon supplied a different signed one?
  12. I think people have said that Amazon mislead people in thinking the vinyl/cd would be signed, when it's just a signed CD sized card.
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  13. The album is still broken on Apple Music… Got Me missing it’s intro, and Safe Passage not playing at all. Sort it out @AtlanticRecords!
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  14. It works fine for me?? Have you tried deleting it and re-saving it to your library?
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  15. A fucking stellar album through and through - definitely Top 3 of 2021.
  16. Amazon sent the signed Safe Passage card that’s pictured on her store.
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  17. That’s weird… I’m playing it directly from the album rather than in my library (I never saved it). Even when I play Got Me from one of Apple’s editorial playlists it still misses the first few seconds.
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