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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. This is such a special album. I got my orange vinyl in the US today and I am in love. Laura's a unique talent. Golden Ashes and What Matters are skull-dragging me today. I wish she had more support.
  2. Golden Ashes and Conditional are on constant replay. This album is in my top two this year.
  3. I love ‘Conditional’ but it reminds me so much of Santigold. That’s not a bad thing, I love Santigold.
  4. Gutted for her! I had a feeling she’d feel a little disappointed. I was reading in Music Week recently that Briony Turner from Atlantic who had seeked out Laura and signed her is more or less looking at the long game with her and not so much massive sales, so fingers crossed things will work out for her. She also apparently has quite a lot of freedom over what she wants to do as an artist. Looking at Atlantic’s roster i do think she will be fine.
  5. Ohh I feel a bit better having read this. I hope you’re right!
  6. If they’d reduce the bundles I could be lured into getting another format I haven’t had yet. I guess the unsold merch goes on tour maybe?
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  7. Let's face it: Laura already got dropped by a major (with the presumption being that she wasn't commercially viable moving forward) so the very fact another major picked her up meant they knew what they were getting into. Most artists never get that second chance, so I would be very surprised if they had large commercial expectations for her.

    If she can continue to do acclaimed albums like this with not a huge amount of budget needed, then she'll be fine.
  8. She reminds me of an artist that would work with innovative and (cheaper) producers. Up and coming ones that would work alongside her ideas. Couple this with the fact she can probably always tour small venues, I’m sure she’ll be fine.
  9. Yeah i definitely agree with this. She’s a fantastic artist and has always had me spellbound with each record shes put out, i love the fact her albums so far have been so varied and that shes not afraid to try new things with each release. I look forward to what else she has to offer!
  10. This is a fantastic album and 'You Got Me' is one of the songs of the year. I've just looked at her Spotify page and I'm SHOCKED at how low the plays are? A popinjustice is occuring
  11. Was hoping it would stay top 10 so just gave her another sale (hadn’t seen the signed vinyl at amazon, ta for the tip off).
    I do think (hope) it will do decent numbers overall through word of mouth.
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  12. She dropped to #92 on the chart though she is #20 on the Sales Chart, so nobody is streaming her it seems. Her London gig sold out so hopefully a few more gigs will help get the album out there.
  13. Unfortunately the album fell out of the Top 200 (#92 was its Monday midweek update position)
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  14. Streaming definitely seems to be the problem. In the first week the album was #4 on the sales chart but not even Top 100 on the streaming chart. It's unfortunate since streaming now makes up such a big chunk of music consumption.
  15. This album is SO GOOD! Please gays, tell each other about it!!
  16. She just got a Mercury Prize nomination for Pink Noise and I'm so happy for her. We manifested, girlies!

  17. All three of her albums have been nominated, hopefully this is her year!
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    So, so deserved! My pick to win though Wolf Alice and Arlo are worthy competition.

  19. FFF (but also why include that first sentence if you're going to literally tag her? Dumb).
  20. People on Twitter are so mind-numbingly stupid it makes me scream. Why would you say that and then tag her when it’s obvious she’s a sensitive person? Cringeeee.
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