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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Church Girl has finally clicked with me, it was the track that took the longest for me to get into, i will say the lyrics really dig into your brain! Just like the rest of the album, i think overall its very lyrically strong! I’d like to Cant get enough of the video too, i only just discovered it today (flop fan i know)
  2. I wish I could watch the video again for the first time!
  3. Can we bask in the glory of Before the Dawn...those signature Laura chamber choir harmonies...the way that pre-chorus moves (glorious harmonies again), before breaking out into that epic chorus.

    Safe Passage, Church Girl, What Matters, Got Me, Magical are my other top favourites, but it's all brilliant. Definately, her brightest and shiniest album overall, but it doesn't lack any of the substance and heart of her previous albums.

    All of her albums are so unique within her discography. You get a different vibe with each one.

    After I played Pink Noise out so much in the first 2 weeks, I went back and played The Dreaming Room and remembered my love for Lucky Man, the uplifting, inspiration Overcome, the majestic Show Me Love, the folky bounce of Angel and the eternal bop, Phenomonal Woman.

    Also slightly off topic, but I had DIAMONDS on repeat last week - especially, the live orchestra version. Speaking of that album...Flying Without You is soooo underrated!
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  4. Sounds like you’re ready for her rate coming soon. ;)
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  5. This album is still so rewarding and fresh in every listen! “Golden Ashes” got me on my last listen, just WOW
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  6. I’ve no regrets in listening to this album. Playing it now on vinyl and it’s sounding stunning. I had heard the praise on here and I really liked Got Me so delved in and was very presently surprised at how strong it is!
    I’ll have to take a better look at her back catalogue too.
  7. Her instagram is a gift! She just shared a powerfully vulnerable reflection on her place in the music industry and now she's on live jamming and laughing it up while the Nile Rodgers chats her up! I just love this woman!
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Every song on Pink Noise is practically a 10/10?? It's really going to take some beating for my album of the year.

  9. The post I referenced for those without access
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  10. I love her. I’ve been obsessed with Golden Ashes lately.
  11. Playing this through in full for the first time. And wow, this is the most aggressively joyful album I've heard since Jessie's What's Your Pleasure? There is such an infections, vibrent, joy to the whole thing. Its really giving me the kick I needed. The artwork and the pink vinyl are also stunning. A contender for album of the year, definitely.
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  12. I love how the joy of the music is interpolated still with the conflict of her life i.e. the politics of her identity in Remedy, her label struggles in Conditional, and that the reference points she uses throughout, she makes hers blasting through with harmonies, courage and love. AOTY contender for sure.
  13. My AOTY with only Kacey at this point to threaten it
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  14. Saw Laura tonight as part of Edinburgh International Festival. Was weird being at first gig in nearly 18 months with social distancing but she was amazing. Most of Pink Noise, as well as Sing to the Moon and Green Garden.
  15. How long was her set? I'm hoping for the entire album at the Village Underground show next week.
  16. She was on stage for about 80 minutes.
  17. Just had my first listen to Pink Noise, as well as watching one of the videos. Put a smile on my face and made me want to DANCE. I can't wait to finally go to some parties soon and make everyone listen to Remedy! Such a fucking banger.
  18. While the non-eventful Donda gets two stars. Let me giggle just a bitsy.
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  19. Some extras just went up on sale for her show tomorrow at Islington Assembly Hall (moved from Village Underground) if anyone didn't manage to snap them up originally.
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