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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Imagine listening to Pink Noise and thinking it 'doesn't measure up'. Being straight must be hard.
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    I have no issues with Celeste and it’s always tired to compare, but Laura’s vocals are phenomenal.
  3. Any reports from the show tonight?
  4. Tonight’s show was a cultural reset, the oxygen you breathe, a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world, art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted.

    This was just such a joyous evening. It really felt like a celebration of both Laura and Pink Noise and you could tell she was so touched by the whole thing, particularly when the whole audience sang "Church Girl" back to her. "Before the Dawn" as an encore was sensational. Quite a few celebrities in attendance judging from social media (I myself spotted Gareth Malone, Russell Tovey, and Becky Hill) so I guess it was a hot ticket, and rightly so. Her mum was there too, plus her sister is in her touring band.
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    Laura's Got Me won the £20 Popjustice prize! And her performance of Church Girl for the Mercury Awards;

    She's just so effortlessly joyous
  6. OK, now that's a true pop justice.
  7. Oh my.
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  8. I feel bad for her but... 12 nominees, 1 winner. Did she think it was in the bag or? And where's the solidarity?
  9. I think she definitely has some issues when it comes to self confidence, self image, her place in the industry and how people perceive her – and they often don't seem to reconcile in any clear way for her. I totally get it, because getting dropped and all the personal stuff she went through was clearly really traumatic for her and is something she's still processing. But just log off queen!
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  10. Yeah, I adore her, but she’s very public with airing her grievances(many of them warranted) and I don’t think it does her any favours career wise.
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  11. she’s got gays straight up lying
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  12. Happy for Arlo Parks (though I'm not a huge fan of her album)... but I was really rooting for a Laura win.
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  13. At least Popjustice doesn't have to delete her number.
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  14. She could have...gone about this better, but at least she explained herself pretty quickly. It's not an open "fuck you" to the Mercury (like, for instance, Gorillaz removing themselves from the shortlist in 2001) and I doubt it will make any difference - or even be remembered, let's be honest - when considering the next album.
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  15. Dd Nadine Shah got mad she wasn’t nominated last year and is now on the Mercury Prize Apology Tour, so who can say.

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  16. I think Nadine had an issue that some big label stars got a nomination last year who get slots on other awards shows and were taking a chance away from smaller artists who needed the exposure of the Mercury prize especially with no touring available.

    Laura is full of self doubt and takes things very personally. She’s the type of personality that if she receives 98 positive comments and 2 negative she’ll dwell on the negative ones.
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    Twitter is beyond desperate for shenanigans - my first read of the tweets were 'oh she's messing'. Even if she wanted to be mad she deserves to be dd.
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  18. I think another key thing is that Laura's an artist that has never really used – or in her case been forced to use – social media before this era, and so there's a lot of noise (stream Pink Noise on Spotify) coming her way that she's never really had to filter out, or take on board before. Combine that with issues around confidence and it can get very messy, very quickly.

    I do sort of sympathise with artists who didn't grow up with socials and now have to get to grips with the dynamics of it, becuase it isn't always pretty.
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  19. At least she knew better this time than to call out an act by name, after targeting The 1975 in her comments and being left with egg on her face when they weren't even shortlisted.

    Laura is in an exclusive "three for three" club with Wolf Alice, Anna Calvi and Michael Kiwanuka, so will be interesting to see which of them get nominated again with their next albums.
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