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Laura Mvula - Pink Noise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cognitive Dissonance, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Oooh, that's very encouraging indeed!

  3. A new song!! Inspired by Nick cave?!
  4. I big soul album is an interesting prospect. I'm picturing it as something of a return to the sound of her first album, but I may be way off. It's a real shame the possible Pink Noise extra songs/re-release seems to have been scrapped, but new music is exciting either way.
  5. Pink Noise deluxe on the way according to her Instagram story. Seems like she’ll perform new stuff at the London show.
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  6. This album is a fucking masterpiece and I will never understand why it’s not platinum at least
  7. The deluxe is coming!!!! Crying tears of joy
  8. I wasn’t really a fan before, but so agree. Sonically, this is an amazing album.
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    SO excited to see her - I'm hoping it'll go ahead even with....everything.
  10. The show had such an incredible energy. She is really one of the greatest musicians to ever live - we are so lucky to have her.

    She shared that she almost cancelled when the promoter said tickets were only 40% sold two days before but Lianne La Havas convinced her to go on with the show, so thanks Lianne!

    She had two cameras filming the whole thing too so I guess it’ll be streamed at some point.
  11. This thread is so depressing for me ddd. She's such an underrated talent, and this era has had some extreme lows. I'm glad you enjoyed the show! Pink Noise is a great album.
  12. What a fantastic show and such a talent!
    It was so sad to hear that she nearly cancelled the show I really believe she deserves a lot more I do not know if it’s a fault on the promotional team but with the greatness that is Pink Noise she should be selling out larger venues that Shepherd’s Bush.
    I really hope this does not knock her faith in the music industry and set her back greatness is needed for this great performer

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  13. Maybe it was her (almost) opening with the thing about ticket sales, or people being aware of her self doubt, but the audience was so expressive in their love for her. The show ran so long thanks to people’s cheers and her getting overwhelmed that I only made the last train home with 30 seconds to spare.

    She made some allusions to how frustrating it is to be underrated and have to struggle in the industry but she said it was one of the greatest nights of her life, so hopefully that crowd love did get through to her in the end.

    I don’t know what the course for her is, I just hope someone with some influence can stand behind her immense talent and continue to push for her.
  14. I feel like we’re watching a musical genius be failed by the industry cause she’s an unapologetic Black woman and it’s just like fuck, still. Disappointing but not surprising.
  15. I really hope the show was filmed, I had tickets to the Manchester date that was cancelled but couldn't make it down to London last night with work stuff. Pink Noise was exceptional and she deserves so much.
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    She was of course phenomenal, the whole place felt electric. Also Idris Elba has moves.
  17. Last night was magical!! What a performance she gave us. Her voice, the musicianship, her openness, her artistry. She's just brilliant. Hearing "Conditional" live was such a moment (well let's face it, the whole album) and hearing the 1/f EP versions of tracks was fab. The crowd were REALLY there for her, which I truly hoped they would be. It makes such a difference when they are so supportive. I really hope it's boosted her confidence and that she fully absorbed all that love.

    It's so sad to me that her most accessible album hasn't translated as well as it should have. I feel like the first two albums sonically got her where she is now. The musicality and visuals for the "Pink Noise" campaign have been so on point and it never deviated into pastiche because it was still very much, uniquely Laura. Despite all of the 80s influences.

    I was on level 1 and it was packed so I'm assuming downstairs standing was quieter? She definitely made the point about 40% capacity and that she spoke to Lianne La Havas about it. THANK YOU Lianne. As if I didn't love her enough already!

    I was very lucky to meet her afterwards and I told her how phenomenal she was and how "Pink Noise" has helped get me through this past year or so after losing my Mum. She was so gracious. I met her 10 years ago just after "Sing To The Moon" came out and showed her the photo and she said, shall we do it again, 10 years later? I am still on a high.
  18. A 5* review in The Times for her show at Shepherd's Bush Empire on Friday. (I'm not a subscriber so I can't read the whole thing but I'm) So happy for her!
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