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Laura White AKA MARTHA

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Melodee, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. I surely can't be the only one excited that Laura is re-surfacing?

    So the video quality isn't great, but she's releasing videos every Friday under the name 'Martha'.. and her twitter said there will be an EP in October!

    Glad those vocals arn't going to waste! Thoughts?

  2. I really love her 'smoke 60 a day' raspy voice. Serve those vocals Martha*!

    *What a completely baffling name-change?! Laura White is SUCH a popstar name.
  3. huh


    The name change is random, but glad to see she is still at it. Her voice is too good to be wasted.
  4. She's done a cover of One Direction - Best Song Ever.

    And it's AMAZING. Want the EP now!

  5. I wouldn't hold my breath for that EP.
  6. Oh my dayz. Laura lives about 5 mins from my house.

    She played at a pub near me recently. Didn't get to chat personally but she was a really sweet and amiable girl.

    Still a LITTLE bit annoyed she was ejected from the comp so ridiculously early. I attest she should have finished 2nd behind Alexandra.
  7. This is still amazing.

  8. She is awesome and really deserved to be 2nd to be honest. It would've been a very close final in my opinion. The only thing Alexandra had over was versatility, which is funnily enough essential and killer in pop.
  9. She was such a constant clean in that sing off, she sang that insipid version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Ruth KILLED her
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  10. Yes, yes, yes! She went through the motions and never saw Lorenzo coming (had she even attended rehearsals!?)
  11. Why would you rename yourself MARTHA!? No just no.
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  12. 'Chumday, I wish hupon ha star'

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  13. Lan


    One of my favorite contestants but I don't understand why should would want to shy away from being Laura White.
  14. I still don't get how she ruined all this...

    She should have had an album release ready by the time the six month contractual no release thing was over, she had some brilliant songs in the bag and was always writing and recording etc and eventually people just lost interest.

    Oh and 'You Shoulda Known' was class. We should have got more like that. I never got the whole weird MARTHA phase.
  15. She has apparently signed a deal with Turn First Records, which is run by Sarah Stennett at First Access Entertainment.

    Sarah Stennett runs Turn First Artists too, which manage Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, Zayn Malik, Connor Maynard and Charles Hamilton, apparently both Iggy and Charles are signed to the label arm too.

    Be interesting to see how she does, I don't know what the label will be like but the management arm seems pretty great so hopefully they'll be a great label for her. I'd love to see her finally achieve success as a singer after all these years.
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  16. New song "Martha" will be released on iTunes at midnight.

  17. Video for new song "Martha", I actually love it, I was obsessed with her 95 E.P too, it was one of my faveourite realses this year! I love her voice and style so much so I hope she manages some sucess!
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  18. Oh, that's really lovely. Video is beautifully shot.
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