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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. I know it's too soon, but I'll let the mods decide.

    Lauren is working on music with pop duo Marian Hill:


    I'm a fan of them and Lauren's my fave, so obviously I'm very excited.
  2. I saw them in Berlin last month, they were amazing! Here.
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  3. I love my bisexual Cuban queen.
  4. No shade because she's really talented but didn't she want to go back to school because she didn't like the fame?
  5. I saw this thread and was about to run to iTunes to buy her new single Good Things feat. Chance The Rapper, but now I'm just sad.

    I'm here for whatever she decides to do, though.
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  6. Maybe fame in the way that she's experienced it via the group. If she possibly has concerns similar to those that Zayn lives with, then perhaps pursuing a career on her own terms may be better suited to her personal comfort level.
  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    People will say anything to get out of a pop group (see: Zayn wanting a normal life)
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  8. Yep. If she does it like Zayn she won't even have to leave her house more than 30 days a year.
  9. The member who should have the #1 on iTunes.
  10. Hermit Popstar of our Time.
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  11. No that was Zayn.
  12. Excited for her Born To Die. Her voice is to die for and I cannot wait for the first snippet.

    Camila is obviously under Republic Records, Lauren would be perfect for Atlantic I guess.
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  13. If this will help the other three, that are not Normani, disappear into oblivion then i'm here for it.
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  14. Edu


    I don't care about her group but I can't wait to stan for her solo career. I just love her raspy voice and her resting bitch face. She could be an amazing alt pop girl.
  15. She really has ALL the ingredients to be a huge solo artist... that is, if the drive is there and she gets out of her own head long enough to deliver mainstream friendly bops and not moody alt-pop that she'll likely pursue.
  16. She's obviously the Nicola Roberts of the group, but she's also the Zayn. Ideally, Lauren's music will be as amazing as Nicola's and as successful as Zayn's.
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  17. Here for ha Beat of My (melancholic) Drum.

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  18. That's so fucking random, but I'm here for it.
  19. My LGBT queen.
  20. Yasss Lauren, come through
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