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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Lauren sounded amazing. I hope in a near (but not so near please) future we can rate her debut album in an Indie Girls rate.

    Oh, and Halsey was okay.
  2. Who allowed Halsey anywhere near Legend Juaregui.
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  3. New song Friday.

    All of her solo efforts so far:

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  4. Come through Lauren. I love every single thing about this girl.
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  5. Strangers really should've gotten a Hayley Kiyoko-esque romantic video and released for the fall/winter season. It's one of the three excellent songs on Halsey's album.
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  6. It's supposedly a next single?
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  7. She's been teasing it as the next single for like 5 months though hasn't she?
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  8. I love her voice, but I prefer listening to her as part of Fifth Harmony right now.
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  9. I love every aspect of her collaborations, she's so versatil
  10. Her voice is like caramel. She sounds fire on anything she puts her name to, I'm so excited at a prospect of a full album of mid-tempo bops from her.
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  11. Me organising hookups.
  12. She's bisexual... I guess that's what @NoSoyCortés meant with her versatility.

  13. Mmm and.
  14. Yes!!! Sorry for my english!! thanks for the correction!
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  15. It's interesting that she's only listed as a "feature" on the Halsey track. Did she write on all the others?
  16. I've always stanned for her since the beginning of 5H's inception, and she continues to impress me more and more. Her voice is just incredible, it's so warm and sultry. I'm ready for her solo effort tbh....
  17. Just been given a listen to All Night, and it's fantastic. The chorus is undeniable. I really see this being a hit for her. The build up from the bridge to the drop into the chorus is sublime.
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  18. Gorgeous isn’t usually a word I would use to describe EDM but All Night really is just that.
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  19. It's very generic, like expected, but she sounds great, like expected. The building from the bridge to the chorus really is the best part.
  20. All Night is great. I know her solo career would probably be a flop but an album with just her vocals is something I need.
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