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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. This, plus as I pointed out awhile ago in the 5H thread it seems like Epic weren't handling them very well as people. Great investment in producers/features/videos, sure, but no creative control and a very ad hoc, messy last tour. I'd want a break too.

    Anyway, she's my fave from the group, so I'm pretty excited for this. Curious if there will be a radio push or if this is more of an indie project. I don't think Marian Hill have been attached to any big hits yet.
  2. Give us your Northern Star, queen.
  3. @Island
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  4. She'll sing it loud everywhere.

    Lauren needs to re-create the Twink C pose.
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  5. I can see her making the kind of music Bridgit Mendler recently released. Im ready to stan for this altpop queen.
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  6. She's smart, has a terrific and distinctive voice and is super beautiful. I think she could carve out a nice little niche for herself if she plays her cards right and surrounds herself with the right people.

  7. Something like this would totally work sung by Lauren.
  8. Black Velvet 2017 thanks.
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  9. Will be interesting to see what music she makes. The stage presence needs some work though.
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  10. Maybe if she doesn't have to dance and interact with other 4 girls on stage she could do better? I'm not sure , but I hope she surprises us
  11. Yeah if she's more connected with the music then it might translate better to when she's on stage, fingers crossed.
  12. I don't think her stage presence is per se (Ally on the other hand oh lawd), it's just that she can get really lazy, and is probably overtired but can't be arsed to hide it the way the others do.

    She'll probably make music that doesn't really require big choreo performances anyway I'd say.
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  13. Here for this! She is amazing!
  14. Has it been said that Back to Me (feat. Lauren Jauregui) is coming this Friday? As in, tomorrow in New Zealand?

    Just bought a new wig on my way home.

  15. Wait what? Really ?
  16. Maybe this is how we keep Fifth Harmony together for a little bit longer; let them all pursue their own stuff whilst also peddling the joys of Fifth Harmony.
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  17. Change the title, feht. @Noir
  18. I've always thought this was the best (and only) possible way. They could be really huge if it works out. Where's Normani?
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  19. OMG this is really happening. I'm so excited! @Felp come thru with the streaming link tomorrow, please.

    I'll need to check out this Marian Hill girl? duo? Are they any good ?
  20. I've checked them out this morning and got excited because it sounded exactly like what one would picture as Lauren's solo music.
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