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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Pretty boring all round. I preferred Expecations to this, and I didn’t love Expectations.
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  2. Where....where are they?
  3. Well I quite enjoyed that. And this song definitely has more replay value for me than "Expectations".

    That wig is a mess though.
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  4. I really enjoy the song.
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  5. Didn't expect the video to be as boring & formulaic as the song, but here we are.
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  6. She really talked about writing meaningful music and "music that comes from your soul" so she could release this generic trendy trap-pop song.
  7. I dislike the video as much as I dislike the song.

    Also for fuck sakes, someone needs to STOP artists from making music videos in blue and pink colors. Enough.
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  8. I mean maybe it is her just happens to be shallow~
  9. I cackled so hard.
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  10. Hmmm... at some point in the video it literally went abit offensive. I don't know why.
    Is the theme "Trashy Greek Goddesses"?
  11. I could hear JoJo killing this.
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  12. She’s aiming for Pitchfork/Rolling Stone kind of acclaim but she’s getting PR articles from MTV and iHeart Radio instead.

    Her output is average at best. Maybe I just had high expectations...
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  13. So I don’t really think More Than That is that bad, it’s just anonymous as fuck. And I low-key love Expectations. But the songs don’t really stand out enough on their own. Maybe as a part of a moody mixtape I would get behind this, but this whole project seems a bit...devoid of any personality. They way she talked about soulfulness...I don’t really feel she is developed enough as a writer.

    We all know that her voice is her strongest asset, but right now this is all giving me Mutya debut-vibes.

    Either she and her team need to carve out an artistic vision for her, or if she wants to dominate pop...she needs to take her time and release better material and establish herself like Normani is doing right now.
  14. I'm not really surprised the music is bland since I've never found her remotely interesting. Sexy/big vocals are just not enough to get me hyped. So many people have that!
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  15. I don't think Lauren has much of a personality apart from being annoying on Twitter.
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  16. This is a tad slut-shamey, no? It's an all female strip club. What's offensive about it?
  17. Honestly .. I don’t feel the vision she had in mind was presented properly. There’s so much more that could’ve been done with the video but I LOVE the vibe she’s going for . The song is a bop imo.

    Sis really came through with the stripper scene. The video almost comes off kinda “dreamy” if that makes sense.
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  18. I thought she was singing, STRONGER THAN A STICKER all this time and it had me gagged when I realised it was LIQUOR. Serving me prepubescent teen diary entry REALNESS.

    I like the song. She's a 2/2 for me so far but this song is what Tinashe can write on auto-pilot. Ms Jauregui needs to bring something NEW to the table.
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  19. Christ. Her voice sounds like it's at the point of breaking on More Than That... and it's not even a demanding song.
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  20. She will perform MTT on Late Late Show
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