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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. There's just...something not clicking, like there's one piece of the puzzle missing. I actually like More Than That and Expectations is a fine direction for her to go in, but I don't know what is. Watching those live performances - they're good, but something's underwhelming in them, like they're building up to something that never quite comes.
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  2. Solenciennes

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    I mean she's just squandering any kind of hype she might have had by putting out this kind of lacking material - there's nothing wrong with it, it's just not going to get her anywhere. If she was a bedroom Soundcloud artist this wouldn't get her signed.
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  3. I don't even think that she's convinced that this stuff is any good tbh. Was kinda excited for solo Lauren but, in retrospect, I think that it's fair to say that half-baked half-assed almost-bops was the most likely outcome all along.
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  4. Friendly reminder to stream Kat's South Beach Social Club on Spotify!

    Lauren would sound great on these.
  5. Her voice will always be fantastic but More Than That is disappointing to me and sounds a bit like a Fifth Harmony song - nothing wrong with that, just expected her to not make music that's similar to when she was in the group. Still going to listen to the album when it comes out but my expectations will be tempered somewhat.
  6. I just miss 5H so much, I miss listening to her voice with Dinah's and Normani's. If she doesn't bring the material, just her voice alone isn't doing much for me.
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  7. I use to think she had the most potential from 5H and at one point even thought she’d be the most successful ex-5H member .....but the material and the performances have been so weak. I get that she wants Pitchfork acclaim but Lauren this isn’t it.
  8. I just don’t think she suits More Than That. The entire style just doesn’t fit her.

    Expectations is really nice, and I expected more things of that I’ll but More Than That would have been a struggle... even as a 5H track.

    She looks stunning though.
  9. The Woke Queen has arrived to delivered her latest hot take.

    There are some valid concerns around the media’s portrayal of/fascination with Ted Bundy but to say that a Zac Effron movie (that isn’t even out yet) is the exact reason people kill women is just...her brand.
  10. Basically a female Zayn...
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  11. At least she attempts to promote her half-assed bops.
  12. ...why does she intend on being a buzzkill all the time?
  13. Her take on the media's fascination with him is valid, but Ted Bundy's winking, appealing thing isn't even that played up here. He got away with his crimes for such a long time because he was so charming. That's just how psychopaths like him manipulate and harm others, and Miss Woke Queen literally missed the entire point. Like, if you're gonna be extra "woke," at least come correct about it.
  14. This is a major eye roll honestly.
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  15. Not literally every single comment underneath her tweet gathering her together with "That's the point sweetie" nn
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  16. I really like More Than That but it feels like an album track for someone... cooler than herself.
  17. If she never explained it, I wouldn't get the whole Goddess coming to Earth thing she got going on, even when it said "Olympus" at the beginning.

  18. Greek ancient history is so thicc / iconic.
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