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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

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    It's just occurred to me the whole More Than That vibe she has going on is a bit like a Alanis "Thank U" Morissette but make it PG12.
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  2. All I know is that she's working with female producers/songwriters, but there's nothing much going on (as far as I know).
  3. Sounds like a Wynter Gordon song.
  4. That R. Kelly name drop is awkward...
  5. They need to rope her in and give her a wake up call that most artist's who strive for "authenticity" never sell records because who they think they are, is not what everyone wants. Particularly not in the foundation building period. Have your experimental records later on, but gotta hook the public first.

    Clearly, Columbia really wants her to happen and she does have all the tools. It just needs to be molded.
  6. The material so far doesn't particularly seem to be authenticity-chasing or at all experimental. It's just not very good.
  7. I get the impression that she just doesn't have a very clear direction? I seem to be in the minority of people who like the songs we've got so far, but they don't really fit into a lane so it must be quite tricky to market her. I also question her work ethic/ambition...
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  9. Her vocals are amazing here. She did that!
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  10. Every time I think of Lauren, I think of Billie Eilish and what a missed opportunity it was to get there beforehand.
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  11. New song performed at NYC Pride this weekend:

  12. She kina sounds as if she was singing in her bathroom but the studio version might be ok
  13. Every time I hear that snippet I think it's:
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  14. I would love to hear more songs like Expectations.
  15. What she needs is a bop, and she doesn't have one yet.
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