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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Me about half the flop pop girls I stan.
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  2. Live performance of an unreleased song:

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  3. This sounds quite good! Very pretty. It won't do anything for her, but I'd like the full version of this.
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  4. She was my favorite in Fifth Harmony but now she kind of bores me tbh.
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  5. this sounds like a mess. Is anything happening with that album? is she still signed even?
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  6. Out of all the Fifth Harmony members, I thought she and Normani had the most promise as soloists, but Lauren has fallen way behind the pack. At least Dinah Jane and Ally are giving us bops. Lauren is just coasting.
  7. Who are these people?

  8. Are they trying to be Majid Jordan? What is Lauren doing?
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  9. She signed to a new imprint that’s part of Columbia this year (the same imprint Noah Cyrus and Lennon Stella are signed to.) This was after More Than That dropped in January. I think she might’ve been having issues with Columbia...
  10. Whew, she is so boring as a solo artist.
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  11. I honestly never understood why people had so much faith in Lauren as a soloist and I've never heard one good reason why she was destined to do better than Ally and Dinah (honestly, it seemed to hinge on looks and edge for many people and those are not good reasons). Her work ethic was always so questionable.

    I get that her vocal tone was the most appealing for a lot of people, but without the right material, serving vocals literally doesn't matter. Normani had the weakest vocals in the group and she has been the most successful next to The Racist.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Invisible Chains is nice and easily her best solo effort.
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  13. Lauren and Normani always stood out the most to me out of all the 5H girls, despite how much they forced KKKamila on us. But it’s clear Lauren lacks the passion and fire Normani has to make it as a solo act. She might be better suited writing for other artists or doing something more behind the scenes???
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  15. Colour me surprised... it sounds like a bop?!
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  16. It’s a cute bop
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