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Lauren Jauregui - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Dec 6, 2016.

  2. She should try acting. The "we are literally slaves" recording is so good!
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  3. You are too much.
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  4. You guys are so overreacting to that leaked audio. She was pissed off and she said that to a friend in private just as we all could have if we were working our butts off for very little money. Had she known the audio was going to be publicly exposed she would have never compared herself to a slave, she seems to be smart and be concerned about human rights (from what we can tell anyway).
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  5. I'm a Slave 4 U ha impact.
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  7. Marian Hill hinted at a special guest at the Snowglobe Festival on Friday, and her sister retweeted it. Looks like this is getting its first live performance!
  8. Please don't wake me until these images come out so I can catch my life.
  9. I had no idea her 'solo' song was an actual thing. I thought people on here were joking. Flop fan. Anyway, the song is okay.
  10. First live performance - Lauren looks actually alive and into it for once

  11. I'm low key loving this track now.
  12. I've actually found myself returning to 'Back to Me' more than I'd originally anticipated. It's fairly lightweight but has a similar vibe to the AlunaGeorge's debut of making its relative fleetingness and claustrophobic sound work to its advantage. Lauren sounds brilliant too.
  13. She reminds me of Nelly Furtado. If she comes out with an album like Loose count me in! But I can see her going for Like A Bird type songs which isn't a bad thing.
  14. What's the strategy in waiting until the 24th?
  15. Probably to line up more stations for a stronger wave of initial adds. But Little Mix pushed back to the 24th too, which makes me wonder if there isn't some big artist secretly lining up for the 17th (Katy?)
  16. [​IMG]

    Get those Rihanna tracks queen!
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