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Lauv - All 4 Nothing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. First single from Lauv’s sophomore album is out everywhere January 28th:

    Interestingly, the pre-save link is listed under Universal Music. Looks like he’s signed to a major after being distributed by AWAL for several years now?
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  2. Apparently music video is not coming on release date?

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  3. Love the clip so far.

  4. It's out.
  5. I don't fully understand why artists think songs like these are appealing or interesting in any way ("Yeah, twenty-six and I'm rich / How the hell did it come to this?"). I'm sure it's his truth but I don't think I wanna really hear a full song about being rich and sad.
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  7. I didn't expect to drop a video this early.
    I thought He posted about video shooting on IG stories just few days ago.
  8. I actually really like 26. The production is great and the melodies are strong.

    I thought the lyrics are a bit “money doesn’t buy happiness” more so than him feeling sorry for himself.

    I’ve been listening to his album lately and I actually enjoy it more now than when it was released. It could definitely do with some cutting down to a solid 11 track album. 21 tracks for a debut album is extremely offputting when it’s not like anyone’s craving that amount of content so early in someone’s career.
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  9. I prefer to Official Audio video.
    It’s simple and beautiful.
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  11. He already tease a new song,
    And sang full song in instagram live.

    I…it’s just OK song for me.
    Hope it’s grown.
  12. The album called "ALL 4 NOTHING" , coming 5th August 2022.
    According to Apple Music, it will include 13 songs and will run for 37 minutes.

    I hope pre-odrer starts with A4N's video premiere. (in 10 minute!)
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  14. Love this. Just wish he enunciated a bit more
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  15. Urban Outfitters exclusive alternative cover Vinyl.

    and Target edition has bonus track.
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