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Lauv - All 4 Nothing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. And...

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  2. Now I’m really liking this song!
  3. Is it doing anything chart-wise?
  4. Doing OKay in Asia.
    But nothing for US and UK.

    I think the album is gonna be flop :(
  5. That's a shame, it's one of his better songs, ever so slightly anonymous as it is.
    He can always tour the British Virgin Islands if it all goes tits up.
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  6. The second these male artists do not look 15 anymore the audience moves on dd.
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  7. I just think neither songs would rank in the top half of his last album, which is surprising given how long he has had to work on it.

    I will say I do now love 26 but I don’t see how he thought that any song from him which so explicitly complains about being “26 and rich” would catch on with the general public.
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  8. He is so painfully average, I love him!
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  9. He is doing LOADS of promotion for new album.
    I really hope that the album will do well.

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  10. He needs to **m inside my b***y. Someone tell him that more topless pics will help promo.
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  11. His One Right Now cover is so good!

  12. Yes for I'm so tired.

    I'm just curious to know, which song is his biggest song?
    I Like Me Better or I'm so Tired??
  13. I loved his last two projects, but these tracks just aren't sticking for me,

  14. Not enough, but better than nothing.
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  15. He looks like a hairy beast. Yum!
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