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Lauv - All 4 Nothing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. He shot the new video, according to his IG story yesterday.
  2. I feel kind of bad - this is going to bomb so, so hard.

    I’m still keen to hear the rest of the album but All 4 Nothing is so safe for him, it’s hard to get too excited.
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  3. New single out June 28th:

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  4. He already teased and sang Kids Are Born Stars several times.
    I think its good. but guess won’t be a HIT.


  5. It’s out.
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  6. After few listens, now I’m officially liking new song!
  7. 1. 26
    2. Stranger
    3. Kids Are Born Stars
    4. Molly In Mexico
    5. All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)
    6. Stay Together
    7. Summer Nights
    8. Time After Time
    9. Hey Ari
    10. Better Than This
    11. Bad Trip
    12. I (Don’t) Have A Problem
    13. First Grade
    14. Forever *
    15. Dream (Demo) **
    *Target Edition Bonus track
    **Japanese Edition Bonus track
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  9. After loving his last two projects, this has all been a complete flop to me.
    I can't even put a finger on why. it's just not hitting and seems a bit naff.
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  10. Same here!!
    I still think Chasing Fire is his best song and How I'm Feeling was a really strong album, but nothing since has really registered with me.
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  11. Chasing Fire, Never Not & Breathe are all 10/10.
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  12. The Album will out in 2 days.
    And It will flop hard.

  13. There’s no buzz for this. I’m surprised the first album did as well as it did.

    But it’s all independent really isn’t it? AWAL just distributes for him. I’m sure he’ll just move onto the next album.

    I’ve ordered it on CD and vinyl because I like the singles so far.
  14. He’s actually signed to a major now.
  15. Daya teas
  16. Oh god. I’ll feel more bad for him if this flops and costs him his deal.
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