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Lawson - 2nd album Perspective

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. So boring. My favorites are still "Brokenhearted" and "Juliet". I doubt they'll top those.
  2. I liked the first album and the lead singer is hot but this is so generic.
  3. I don't mind this song - the video is great. Its shot in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, where I went on holiday last year. The scenary is so beautiful.
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    Juliet was so good, a shame their career stalled. This new song makes no impact on me, it's rather forgettable.
  5. I really like Roads, but I wasn't a huge fan of Juliet. As much as I like Lawson I can't see them being able to break back into the charts after such a long absence - it's not like anyone's been asking where they are! Plus they'll never top 'Taking Over Me'
  6. They have pushed the single release back 3 times now... from May 10th then to May 24th and now May 31st in the UK.

    The single premiered on March 3rd, released in US on March 31st, surly this length of time almost 3 months of it being online and radio is only going to damage their charting??? Like, I'm ready for their next single!
  7. Well no one even knows they're back so I can see why they keep pushing the release back. I've not seen the video on any of the music channels and they've not done any promo? Gonna flop HARD!
  8. KAG


    I'm very up-to-date with pop culture but I genuinely had no idea that these guys were back with a new single. There's been little fanfare. Are there issues with their management or record label? It's odd how they were EVERYWHERE at one point and then simply disappeared. The same applies to Conor Maynard - one moment he's flying high in charts, constantly promoting, hot on everyone's lips and then dust...
  9. All I know, read it Online... As they were due to record their new album this time last year but Andy had liver failure and almost died so they had to have a break while he recovered. But big breaks can really harm artists and I think this may just do, there is no hype for this song or their album!
  10. KAG


    Yeah, I've only just read about that. Very upsetting situation. Although I am still perplexed at the lack of hype. They're signed to a major label and proved to be popular with their last album. Surely they should still be able to secure decent promo. The song, admittedly, is nothing to write home about. 'Learn to Love Again' remains their best single for me.
  11. I didn't realise Andy had liver failure. Glad he's made a recovery. I still love Roads. I hoped when I first heard it, it would smash, but I guess it'll be hard for it now.
  12. Didn't Andy have a brain tumour as well, before the band started? Poor bloke.

    They supported Take That last night in Birmingham (Ella Henderson buggered off as she had a better offer). I'd forgotten how good they were. Juliet especially was a bit of a monster. The crowd seemed really receptive to them too, considering they weren't billed. A lot of people sang along to Standing In The Dark, which surprised me considering it wasn't exactly a huge hit.
  13. I like them as a band and Roads is a decent enough comeback single. Capital seems to be playing it more than ever which gives me hope it'll be a top 10 at least. I just hope the single they release before the album is a real monster that captures the public's attention. To be fair the singles they release are slices of really good pop music.
  14. They must have a loyal fan base as it's been top 10 on itunes since Sunday - somehow. They might be playing it on capital but thats the only place i've seen / heard it.
  15. Their last campaign was very clever - 3 singles, then an album, then one further single off the album, then two new singles before re-issuing the album. 5 out of the 6 singles therefore were brand new and all went top 6 on the chart. The album itself just did OK though.
  16. How were the 4 on the chart midweeks but 11 on the sunday?
  17. Because the sales were heavily front-loaded, and streams have more of an effect on the chart as the week goes on.
  18. The dreaded Number 11...
  19. Just seen on Facebook they are releasing a self titled album in Australia and Asia which is a mix of their re-release and a new EP and here just the EP, which includes roads and three more songs... their new campaign is a mess!

    Lawson EP
    (all songs were played on their livestream i believe):
    • We Are Kings
    • Under the Sun
    • Mountains
    • Standing in the Dark (Not on the UK & Ireland Version)
    • Roads

    Lawson LP (Australia, New Zealand and Asia)
    • We Are Kings
    • Under the Sun
    • Mountains
    • Standing in the Dark
    • Roads
    • Juliet
    • Brokedhearted
    • Are You Ready?
    • Back To Life
    • Parachute
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