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Leah McFall

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by eddy2375, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Did she release a song during the Summer (somber?)
  2. I constantly forget how incredible her vocals are – the last bit of that video is world class. In a parallel universe she'd be huge – I hope she gets a proper second shot at some point.

    Just found she's touring again this spring so throw the good sis a sale or two:
    Apr 10 Manchester, Night People Buy Tickets
    Apr 11 Birmingham, The Asylum Buy Tickets
    Apr 12 London, Oslo Buy Tickets
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  3. It's such a shame she's not had any success. So talented.
  4. That's a great, interesting, and honest interview. Wished she had got the chance to release her album "Weird to Wonderful" when she was signed with Capitol.
  5. She deserved so much better . Literally had one of the best voices to ever come from a singing show and had bags of potential !
  6. Rob


    I really thought Coming Home was going to be huge.
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  7. Me too. I really liked it. Such a shame how things went for her, her voice is incredible. I'm always impressed by how amazing the songs she brings out are given she must be working with a tiny budget.

    Faithful One is really moving, such a beautiful sound. Quite different to her other stuff with less quirky things going on, but that voice just soars.
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  8. A moment.
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