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Legendary (Voguing competition series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 20, 2020.

  1. The way I could hear this post.
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  2. Absolutely CRIMINAL that Belanciaga won superior house after having the weakest performance on the evening. Tacking on the separate points for the second challenge is not it.

    I wanted a double save because every house slayed (with the exception of Balenciaga, of course.)
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  3. The second challenge should add 5 points, not a whole 10. Because 5 points is enough usually to bump you out of the bottom but a whole 10 points is enough to bring you from bottom to top and that's not really fair.
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  4. Agreed, Balenciaga was not serving this week. The outfits were giving me Day of the Tentacle, the lack of Honey showed how much her star power is integral to Balenciaga's success as a whole. With that said, Mother Shannon bodied the Body category. I was living.

    Did not wanna see Icon go. As a House, Miyake-Mugler were the weakest for me. Though I am happy I get to see Diego for another week. Whatta man.

    Tisci remains flawless, Stasha's surprise slide into a split was ovah and Oricci absolutely slayed the challenge.
  5. Ok Tisci this week might be my favorite performance of the entire series thus far. Not a single flaw detected.

    Also Taraji was such a joyous addition. They’ve really been knocking it out of the park with guest judges.
  6. Balenciaga own my heart but Tisci are really coming through, it cannot be denied.
  7. This is a Tisci stan account. Firing on all cylinders. Oricci was a little sloppy but pure joy. Shannon's body was...legendary. Also, Lei looked sickening this week.
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  8. Shannon responding to the critique that she didn’t do enough during the main challenge by coming out during Body and serving that. Icon behaviour.

    I still want Balenciaga to win it all but that Tisci performance was probably the best thing that has ever been on that stage.
  9. Taraji is another guest that can come back to judge at any time for me; when she got out of her chair after Kalik started to cry, that was beautiful.

    I do agree that Balenciaga was a letdown this week, I got their references, but I think they've been relying on Honey a bit too much in previous weeks and it became really apparent this week.
    However, the way Miss Shannon came through in the body category...

    Tisci carried this week! They gave what needed to be given and they did... what needed... to be done!
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  10. Did y'all watch the episode yet!?
  11. Yes and we continue to stan Tisci duh!
  12. I'm glad Tisci got their flowers after last week getting robbed a win.
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  13. They are way too easy on Balenciaga. But I'm living for Shannon consistently giving nothing and stomping the competition.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Where the fuck is Honey?
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  17. I have plowed through every episode this season after passing on last season and I am stanning Tisci and Shannon Balenciaga specifically what a fucking icon. But Tisci duh for the win.
  18. It’s truly Tisci...and everyone else. They just can’t stop being the best performers to ever grace this show.
  19. Of course I loved the theme of this ball.
    I don't know what it is but seeing the Houses get cash prizes for the categories they compete in just fills me with so much joy as they really deserve it and seem elated to get the opportunity they're being given.
    What a fantastic and important show and celebration of these artists, performers and human beings in addition to being a finger-snapping good time all around.
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  20. This is another amazing season. The artistry, the gaggery, the shade, the emotions, the thrill... all of it packaged in amazing production value that really highlight these talents and their stories. Beautiful.
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