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Legendary (Voguing competition series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 20, 2020.

  1. Holy shit.
  2. It’s a chop for me.
  3. My 13th Reason why are the latest chop and Demi being a guest judge the following episode.
  4. Oh they posted 2 episodes? Okay. Well that's good because the first one pissed me off. Almost every house did bad. And the house that left?.... No. I don't accept this.
  5. The judging on this show is shit
  6. The Ice episode was more enjoyable but the absence of the house that left in the first episode was very felt.
    But then the house that left in the Ice episode was kind of winning me over but then they left. Like. Fuck.

    Also in regards to Honey
    That attitude was not cute. Now i'm even more upset that Tisci left because the frontrunners to me seem to be Balenciaga but not with that attitude. And then the others getting mad that they were docked points because of what Honey said? No. Your girl got an attitude which was TOTALLY unnecessary because they did amazing?? And "You KNOW I always wear stillettos and thigh high boots!" is not a good enough excuse for that little moment, so thank GOD Shannon held that mic.

    So like my overall thought right now is that
    Tisci was hardcore robbed. They did definitely lose that battle though ... But how come the second categories are 10 whole points that can take you from bottom to first place... But the battle is the battle and how dare anyone try to vote based on overall season long performance. Like that just FEELS bad. Tisci should not have left whatsoever. I'm glad the show isn't like rigged but some of the decisions and scoring and judging elements are really not well thought out.
  7. That was....devastating. The way we only got ONE outstanding performance in two episodes? What's going on...
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  8. Mugler's showing out great now all of a sudden but I think it's too little too late to win me over at this point.
  9. So, they edited the little tiff between Law & the judges and Tisci.
    But somehow someone got the unedited version?

    They just made it in the show looked like they REALLY were yelling to her face...
  10. They also made it look like Simone was being a lot more irrational when in fact, she wasn’t at all.

    As a pretty big Balenciaga fan, the riggery and favoritism towards them is really letting this season down. There is absolutely no sane person on this hellhole who can tell me that Tisci elimination was deserved. Bullshit. Not Jameela being the only one making sense for once. Normally she’s like “this is my absolute favorite performance of the season” and it’s Group 1/Episode 1, but This week recognizing that the far superior house deserved to be the one to stick around.
  11. Yeah it's ridiculous how one person in the second category can literally take a house from dead last to first place. But the battle is the battle and how dare Jameela try to look at big picture for the competition. That may not be the ballroom way, but they're making a television show and I think for a television show SOME strings can SOMETIMES be pulled to prevent a frontrunner from leaving.
  12. If strings can keep being pulled for a clear favorite to continue excelling despite … not really excelling, then I think the same can and should be done for a front runner who has been killing it and does “fine” one week to be okay.
  13. Yes exactly. I feel like they gave Balenciaga an easy time just so Honey could come back? And of course she comes back and acts like that.
    And like they told Shannon "hey, do more" and aside from the Body category- She still hasn't really added THAT much into her group numbers. But now they're okay with it I guess despite nothing changing? Meanwhile Gia is doing it ALL as the house mother.
    I'm just upset for them all.

    So yeah I guess Mugler MIGHT put up a fight but... ?? It should be Tisci and Balenciaga in the finale.
  14. I'm pressed about Tisci. Simone didn't lie! If the second category wasn't 10 points, we wouldn't have this problem.
  15. It’s obvious they dropped both episodes because of how much the first one was gonna piss fans off.
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  16. I just finished the first season. What an incredible season of TV! The house of balmain was my pick from episode one but I didn’t expect them to make it past the halfway mark let alone winning the whole thing! I was so excited for them! They are such a great group of humans.

    I found it so satisfying to watch Lanvin lose. I struggled to understand their wins and the cockiness of Eyricka was off putting. She claims she was there for her house but it was all about her. All she cared about was showcasing herself. She’s awful as far as I’m concerned.

    Jamari truly cared for his kids. Eyricka only cared for herself.
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  17. My friend had a nice interaction on IG with Jocelyn, mother of the house of Milan.
    They had a little convo about being trans, I won't air out the whole convo but Jocelyn told my friend "Remember no matter how pretty you get, how you treat people is what will really be the deciding factor on how beautiful a person you will be."
    So sweet.

    I love this show, despite it's glaring issues here and there- it's ability to showcase lgbtq performers is really necessary.
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  18. I could barely even focus during the second episode after the Tisci nonsense. The points shenanigans, the undeserved 10s for Garçon... no ma’am.

    I will say, though, Honey is a diva, an icon, and the moment. She is also carrying that entire house...
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  19. This just stupid, duh!
  20. I just started to watch this and I can’t stand Jameela on it oh my god
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