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Legendary (Voguing competition series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, May 20, 2020.

  1. Well this season really fell off the rails. It was fun watching the judging panel nearly fall apart by the end.
  2. Besides Dashaun serving with his new house, the best part of the final 2 episodes was Tiffany saying NO to the Balenciaga payola and chopping them with no remorse whilst gathering Simone’s enemies Law and Megan. A Tisci fan, duh!
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  3. Thanks, I hate it. It’s so clear that the people involved with this season know any good will ended when Tisci got kicked off and the Simone BS. I am just thrown off completely, this season started out so great and here we are at the end. Oh well.

    Leiomy is the only judge that should stay for the next season and that scoring system is a absolute disgrace especially since bottom performing houses (which go home the next week anyway) can knock out the top performers.
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  4. The right house (of those two) won, so at least I can be happy about that.
  5. Season 2 went to shit when they had the double turd of Adam Lambert and Demi as judges. Two people with no connection to the spirt of ballroom and just joy sucking demontors of human beings in general.
    Every guest judge up to then was on point.
    Just bring back house of Tisci for season 3. Annoying.
  6. I haven’t even watched the episode where the disaster happened because I’m not sure I want to. Is there anything worth watching past that?
  7. The uploads are so slow this year, so I haven't seen the finale, BUT I have to disagree with y'all about the scoring. I get it's a TV show, but it's classic (messy) ballroom to dole the scores out the way they do.

    They should change the other rounds to 5 points though.
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  8. The jungle episode was absolute chaos in every way, but I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. Both houses served their best performances.
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  9. Fingers crossed it will include a live audience again.
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  10. Glad it got renewed. Hopefully they make it better than the last 1/4th of Season 2.
  11. I finally managed to find the last two episodes and really enjoyed them so bit surprised at the reaction here - particularly the finale where everyone truly showed out with fantastic performances across the board. Maybe I'm just a Shannon stan but they ate the group performance, was stunned that both didn't receive a 40. Was also kinda crazy that Leiomy voted for Mugler in every single category.

    I think Garçon were overmarked and have been all season, and definitely some choice moments, but also think the judging was slightly more consistent than season 1 thanks to the scoring system; I think people have rose-tinted lenses because there were some whack decisions in season 1 where the placements and performances really didn't align.

    And I am pissed that we were ROBBED of Shannon in the twerk category. The way she showed out for body will stay with me for a long long time.

    Excited for season 3!
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  12. Thanks to my usual place not uploading the episodes until today I've unfortunately had the winner spoiled, but looking forward to watching nonetheless.
  13. I don’t mind most of the judges but Jamila should not be there. I just feel like she’s taking the place of someone else from ballroom who should be doing that job.

    That said Jamila seems sweet and she’s beautiful but she’s not suited to this.
  14. I enjoyed this, even if it was messy at times. I actually didn't mind the lack of crowd either, honestly.

    I'd really love to see a move from the house group performances (which, correct me if I'm wrong, are rarely a thing in ballroom anyway) – for performers like Shannon or Tonka who aren't dancers but actually excel in their own field in real life categories, they're left as sort of clunky immoveable objects in the group shows and seem outperformed by the others.

    The judging panel was.. mostly redundant, aside from Leiomy. They need to get Dominique Jackson on the phone to replace one of the others.

    So yeah, all in all I stanned most of it and I'm happy it's coming back for season 3. I just hope the piracy girls are quicker on the uploads next time.
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  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I delayed watching Season 2 because I kept forgetting. Oop. And as others have said, it seemed to take a while for those last few episodes to become available.

    Anyway, it was fun, I enjoyed it, there were some great moments and some shitty moments, the scoring is just weird - but if as someone said above, that's how real ballroom goes - then so be it. Highlight: Law to Tiffany and the whole "IT'S NOT FOR YOU." thing. It got me because it didn't seem manufactured drama, it seemed very real and Tiffany seemed very pissed off afterwards.

    Kind of strange in the finale for all four judges to be having orgasms in their thrones over both performances and then neither house getting tens across the board. Whut?

    I don't find any of the judges annoying to be honest. I didn't miss there being a crowd, I thought it worked okay without. Guest judges don't really add anything and it's kind of unfair to sometimes give them the responsibility of deciding the winner when they're there for one episode and can't judge on anything else.

    Roll on Season 3.
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  16. This season sucked. What happened to the amazing camera moves? Did they also change production? I was living for those zoomed out shots in season one.

    I'm glad we have this show and it's coming back to continue highlighting our sisters and their stories but STOP MAKING IT SO MESSY.
  17. I'm assuming they limited cameras to have less people in the room because of the pandemic. They also filmed this season in LA instead of NYC like season 1. Hopefully season 3 goes back to some normalcy.
    and they fix the judging and/or scoring systems.
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  18. They released a whole feature length film of tea... someone sum it up.
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